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Saint John of Egypt
Friday, 27 March 2020

Also known as John the Hermit, John the Anchorite, or John of Lycopolis, was one of the hermits of the Nitrian Desert having spent a decade with the another hermit.

He was a carpenter by profession before he decided to lead solitude life.

According to hagiographer Alban Butler, John was noted for performing seemingly absurd acts such as rolling rocks from place to place and cultivating dead trees. Finally, he withdrew to the top of a cliff near Lycopolis, Egypt, where he could avoid all human contact. There he carved three small cells out of rock; one for sleeping, one for work and the last for praying. Then he walled them up with himself inside, leaving only a small window. He communicated through the window to people who brought him food and water twice a week. Crowds would gather on those two days to hear him preach.

John prayed incessantly, and he spent the last three days of his life without food or drink or any interactions but prayer. He was discovered in his cell, with his body in a position of prayer.

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The raising of Lazarus is a reminder that to be a Christian is not just to live in a certain way. Christians do have customs and commands that we obey and disobey, the chief among them being to love God and all those whom God loves.

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