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Saint Germanus Bishop of Paris
Thursday, 28 May 2020

Born circa 496 near  Augustodunum, Gaul, France, Germanus of Paris, abbot, bishop, one of France’s most revered saints, was ordained a priest in 530 and was made abbot of the Monastery of Saint-Symphorien. Between 554 and 556 he was nominated by the Frankish king Childebert I as bishop of Paris, where he exercised considerable moral in?uence on the king’s court.

Germanus was eventually— and with decreasing effectiveness —enmeshed in the civil strife caused by rivalry between Childebert’s nephews and Charibert I, whom he excommunicated (567) for personal wickedness and  for animosity toward his authority.

He protected Queen Radegunda against the abuses of her husband, the Frankish king Chlotar I, Childebert’s brother. Among the many councils that Germanus attended were those of Paris (c. 556-573), Tours (567), and Paris (573).

He energetically promoted the cult of the saints and was himself venerated as a saint immediately after his death on 28 May 576 in Paris.

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