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Saint Francis Caracciolo
Thursday, 04 June 2020

Born on 13 October 1563 in Villa Santa Maria, Naples, Italy, at age 22, Francis developed a skin disease resembling leprosy and vowed that if he recovered he would devote his life to God. The skin condition cleared up completely. Convinced his recovery was miraculous, Francis kept his promise to God.

He studied for the priesthood in Naples. There he befriended a man who wanted to establish a new religious community.

Francis helped draw up Rules for the new Order of the Minor Clerks Regular. As a priest, Francis spent many hours in the confessional. He also begged in the streets for the poor and gave away most of his possessions to the needy.

Francis Caracciolo died on 4 June 1608 in Agnone, Italy. He is the patron of Naples.

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