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Lord, when I am treated unjustly, help me not to take revenge
Thursday, 08 July 2021

Thursday July 8 2021
14th Week in Ordinary Time
Gen. 44:18-21,23-29; 45:1-5; Ps. 104:16-17,18-19,20-21;
Mt. 10:7-15   (Ps Wk II)

Joseph was cruelly mistreated by his brothers and then sold off. Many years later, Joseph reveals to his brothers that the Egyptian minister with whom they are speaking is actually their brother.

Joseph could exact revenge and punish his brothers for the great suffering they caused him. Surprisingly, Joseph says to them, “do not be angry with yourselves for selling me here, because it was to save lives that God sent me ahead of you” (Gn. 45:5).

In other words, though they intended to harm Joseph, God brought about great good. Joseph chooses not to focus on his brothers' sins but rather on the saving work of God.

Like Joseph, Jesus was betrayed by those closest to him and sold. Yet God worked great good. Through Jesus’ suffering, we are all saved.

In the Gospel, Jesus sends out the Apostles so that others may experience God’s healing and hope. Why are the Apostles to carry no money or extra clothes? They are to rely on God, to trust that God will work well for them.

God provided for Joseph. God provided for the Apostles. God will provide for us.

Lord, when I am treated unjustly, help me not to take revenge, but rather trust that You will provide for me that You will work good for me.

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