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Lord, show us Your faithful love and have mercy on us forever
Saturday, 06 March 2021

Saturday March 6 2021
2nd Week of Lent
Mic. 7:14-15,18-20; Ps. 102:1-2,3-4,9-10,
11-12; Lk. 15:1-3,11-32   (Ps Wk II)

Today’s Gospel should never have been called the parable of the Prodigal Son, for the son is not the hero. It should be called the parable of the Loving Father, for it tells us rather about a father’s love than a son’s sin.

It tells us much about the forgiveness of God. The father must have been waiting and watching for the son to come home, for he saw him a long way off. When he came, he forgave him with no recriminations. There is a way of forgiving. When forgiveness is conferred as a favour, it is not the forgiveness which Jesus speaks about.

The Prodigal’s return is not the end of the story. There enters the elder brother, who was sorry that his brother had come home. He stands for the self-righteous Pharisees who would rather see a sinner destroyed than saved. His attitude shows that his years of obedience to his father had been years of grim duty and not loving service. His attitude is one of utter lack of sympathy, but the Father includes him in the feast.

Prophet Micah and Psalmist write about the faithful love of God. We cannot stand before God saying we are righteous; it is God who is compassionate and merciful.

Lord, show us Your faithful love and have mercy on us forever.

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