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Lord Jesus, May Your love for us be our strength in loving others
Tuesday, 15 June 2021

Tuesday June 15 2021
11th Week in Ordinary Time
2 Cor. 8:1-9; Ps. 145:1-2,5-7,8-9;
Mt. 5:43-48   (Ps Wk III)

Chapter 5 of Matthew’s Gospel is among the richest and most challenging passages of the four Gospels and, perhaps for that very reason, one of the most inspiring.

I have heard the story of a Chinese gentleman who became a Catholic because of the call of Jesus: “love your enemies”. His reasoning was simple: Any human being could have asked or encouraged us to love our friends. But “love your enemies”? Only God could have asked that.

The path to holiness can be quite painful. Loving our enemies can be pretty difficult, but being Jesus’ call is part of the journey to holiness and a grace to be asked for.

Lord Jesus, You have asked us to love each other as You have loved us. May Your love for us be our strength in loving others, especially those who make themselves our enemies.

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Gospel reflection with Father William Grimm
23 July 2021

The Eucharist is the miracle in which Christ takes \"the work of human hands\" and presents it to the Father as himself. Our own little bit, our own willingness to search out what we can do, becomes part of that. God is looking for the Andrew in each of us.

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