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Lord Jesus, count me among those men and women who trust in You
Thursday, 21 January 2021

Thursday 21st  January 2021
2nd week in Ordinary Time
Heb. 7:25—8:6;Ps. 40(39):7-9,10,17Mk. 3:7-12

We might at times envy those men and women who flocked to hear Jesus’ words and benefit from his merciful actions. Jesus drew people to him and won their love and loyalty. Meeting him must have been a deeply moving and potentially life changing encounter. We should not, however, feel envious of those fortunate enough to have met Jesus face to face. Today’s first reading assures us that Jesus has not left us. He remains readily available to us in our needs.

In his contemplation devoted to the Incarnation, St Ignatius asks us to imagine ourselves listening in as the Blessed Trinity looked down on the world with great concern and discussed what to do. They see men and women in danger of going to hell. They decide that Our Lord Jesus Christ should come down among them for their salvation.

Now, his earthly task completed, Jesus continues to work for us from his exalted place in heaven. High Priest and Lord of the Universe he is ever ready to hear our prayers and strengthen us. In his letter to the Romans (8.39), St Paul tells us that Christ is at the right hand of the Father interceding for us. He does so not only on the days of our sins, weaknesses and despairs but also on those days when we are ready and willing to bring healing, light and progress to the society in which we live.

Lord Jesus, count me among those men and women who trust in You.

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