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Lord, illuminate the path You have prepared for me
Saturday, 30 May 2020

Saturday 30th May 2020
7th Week of Easter (Morning)
Acts 28:16-20,30-31; Ps. 11(10):4,5,7;
Jn. 21:20-15   (Ps Wk III)

Sometimes our struggles and difficulties have a reason of which we are unaware. Paul had been harassed and persecuted. After his arrest, he appealed to the emperor, so he was brought to Rome.

This gave him the opportunity to witness to the community there, but most of all, to proclaim the gospel. He was under house arrest and able to move about freely. Wherever we happen to be and regardless of what happens to us, let us strive to do God’s work.

Jesus gave Peter some disturbing news: he would be martyred for the sake of the Gospel. The Spirit would lead the way – his life was no longer his own. But when Peter saw the Beloved Disciple, he wondered aloud what his fate would be. What about him? Doesn’t he have to suffer and die too?

Jesus was kind but firm: that was not Peter’s business. Jesus has his plans for the Beloved Disciple. Everyone’s path is different, and we should never compare ourselves to others, favourably or unfavourably.

God has a plan for us that is unique.

Lord, illuminate the path You have prepared for me.

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