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Lord, grant me a just and pure heart
Wednesday, 01 July 2020

Wednesday July 1st 2020
13th Week in Ordinary Time

Am. 5:14-15,21-24; Ps. 50(49):7,8-9,10-11,12-13,16-17;
Mt. 8:28-34 (Ps Wk I)

Amos continues his theme of justice: establish justice in your communities, so that God will be with you! We cannot tolerate oppression and injustice, especially when we take part in it or benefit from it and expect that God will be in our midst blessing all that we do. In the Jewish and Christian faith traditions, justice and mercy are not optional — they are fundamental. The first step in our own conversion is to begin listening to the cries of the poor, weak, oppressed, and excluded. Too often we become insensitive to their plight and learn how to turn a ‘deaf’ ear.

Jesus would not tolerate the presence of evil spirits in the lives of people. Confronted with the misery of those possessed by demons, he commanded that they leave immediately. But evil does not depart peacefully or quietly – the demons protested and pleaded. They were willing and eager to possess a herd of pigs – considered filthy and impure by Jews – rather than depart from the scene. Evil is always looking for an invitation or even a door left ajar – we should afford no opportunity for the dark forces in our world to gain a foothold. Walk in the ways of the Lord; pray; practice kindness, mercy, and justice. All will be well.

Lord, grant me a just and pure heart.

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03 July 2020

The world around me may be in turmoil, but I will be in peace and calm, not because I am apart from the world, but because I am sharing God\'s deep love for that world.

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