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Heavenly Father, we beg You to accompany us
Wednesday, 22 September 2021

Wednesday September 22 20021
25th Week in Ordinary Time
Ezr. 9:5-8; (R. Ps.) Tob. 13:2,3-4,5,8;
Lk. 9:1-6   (Ps Wk I)

We may need to remind ourselves from time to time that we are reading about Peter, James, John, and the nine others in today’s Gospel. They were the men whose labours led to the Church as we know it now large and powerful, at least to some degree. They were inexperienced men at the kind of work they were being asked to do. So, they were given the ability by God to do things they would never have dreamed of attempting.

In order to avoid being tempted to attribute to themselves the success of the work, they were attempting, Jesus told them not to go to the work highly self-equipped. If they did, they might be tempted to attribute to themselves any success they might experience.

They ventured out then, trusting that God would see to it that they would have what they needed to carry out the first recorded apostolic exercise in the history of the Church without the physical presence of Jesus.

Let us pray that the Church of the 2020s will be able to keep the balance between reliance on a high degree of self-equipment of all kinds and trust in God’s loving care and support.

Heavenly Father, we beg You to accompany us as we venture out to tell others of Your love for them.

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The Gospels do not hesitate to put us followers of Jesus in a bad light. We, represented by the disciples, can be so dense that we miss something that evil demons know and that even a blind man can see. That is, that Jesus is the presence of the Reign of God among us.

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