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The mosque at the Ahmadi headquarters in Lahore

Ahmadi places of worship under siege reporter, Lahore

May 28 2010

Armed Muslims today attacked two Ahmadi places of worship in Lahore during Friday prayers.

Sources in the Ahmadi community say the militants took about 2,500 Ahmadis hostage at their headquarters in Lahore.

Extremist group Tehrik-e-Taliban Punjab has claimed responsibility for the attacks.

Another place of worship has been cleared by police and a total of 17 dead bodies have so far been recovered from of the two sites.

There was a continuing exchange of fire between police and militants at the Ahmadi headquarters as of 4pm of May 28.

"Armed motorcyclists first threw grenades in the two mosques and then entered firing at the congregation of Friday prayer," Asad Ullah Ghalib, a spokesperson of Ahmadi community told UCA News.

"Militants can be seen in the compound and on the roof of the mosque where explosions can be heard.

"We are yet to receive any information about the ones inside it."

Many Muslims regard the Ahmadis as a heretical Islamic sect.

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