ISAC Podcast
The Initiative for the Study of Asian Catholics (ISAC) Scholarship on Asian Catholics Podcast Series is part of a collaborative project to foster scholarly research focused on the multiple forms of Catholicism found across Asia. With the aim of facilitating dialogue and contributing to already existing research in the Philippines, Hong Kong, India, and other places, it intends to expand and deepen conversations investigating the lived realities and challenges faced by Asian Catholics at the local, national, and regional levels.

In this series, Michel Chambon speaks to various authors of books written from the perspectives of economy, environmental studies, anthropology, political sciences, art, and gender studies. Catholics living in Asia are often members of minority communities. Either within the boundaries of their own nation-state or within world Catholicism, their visibility and roles are frequently overshadowed by more powerful dynamics that shape their environment. Even if Catholics are numerous in some parts of Asia, their regional and global influences can remain difficult to perceive.

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