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Wounded Filipino drug suspect shot dead in hospital

Catholic priest condemns 'culture of death prevailing in the Philippines'

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Wounded Filipino drug suspect shot dead in hospital

The shooting of a wounded patient in a hospital emergency room in the Philippines has brought further condemnation of  Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte's war on drugs. (Photo: Unsplash) 

A Catholic priest in the Philippines has condemned the murder of a drug suspect shot dead in a hospital after surviving an earlier shooting on Nov. 4.

Vincent Adia, 27, had been admitted to the hospital in Angono in Rizal province earlier in the day after being shot three times and left to die in a gutter with a sign that said (drug) “pusher”.

He was taken to the nearest hospital where he underwent emergency treatment. Later that evening, an unidentified gunman entered the hospital and fired two shots at Adia, killing him.

“This is a diabolical act,” Divine Word priest Father Flavie Villanueva told UCA News.

Father Villanueva said that what happened to Adia showed how prevalent evil has become in the Philippines.

“The killing never stops ... Vincent Adia’s death is a clear manifestation of how evil has gripped some people’s hearts and lives,” he said.

The priest said life has become “valueless” due to brutal killings that give no opportunity for repentance.

“We have failed to see the value of life and for the grace to transform a person. On the contrary, for the past four years, fear, power and violence have been the driving force of our government leaders to create a so-called ‘humane and drug-free society’,” he said.

A hospital worker who witnessed the killing said they [health workers] could not do anything because the gunman threatened them.

“He [the gunman] entered the emergency room and shot the patient [Adia]. Then he pointed the gun at us while we all cowered in fear. Then he shot the patient a second time and stormed out. Just like that,” said the witness, who wished to remain anonymous.

Father Villanueva said Adia’s killing added to a growing tally of bodies and unsolved crimes in President Rodrigo Duterte’s war on drugs.

“Tragically, this also leads to more dead bodies, more widows and orphans, as well as a new enterprise — killing,” he told UCA News.

The priest said love for life must be revived in the Philippines to snuff out the culture of death gripping society.

“Why must a callous culture of violence dictate that death rather than life must prevail?” he asked.

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