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World Youth Day Madrid unveils sustainability logo

Pablo Larrocha, age 28, has been chosen as the winner of the logo for 100% natural, the World Youth Day 2011 sustainability program.

World Youth Day Madrid unveils sustainability logo


Published: April 15, 2011 10:30 AM GMT

Pablo Larrocha, age 28, has been chosen as the winner of the logo for 100% natural, the program that will serve as a framework for all the sustainable activities to be carried out during World Youth Day and that shows WYD’s commitment to making it an environment friendly celebration. Here is a brief interview with the winner. What inspired you or what were you trying to convey with the design of this logo? This proposal sends the loud, optimistic message that we must live life 100% and, of course, also be 100% Christian, because it is also natural. I wanted to create a young and optimistic symbol, a green Planet Earth, full of life ... a world committed to the environment. With this logo I was able to make my contribution to WYD. Do you think the Christian message and ecology are compatible? Of course they are! God created the world and everything it contains, and has given it to us. However, that does not mean that we can use it at will. We must take care of it and respect it, considering the present and especially the future generations. Do you think it is important for WYD in Madrid to be sustainable? Why? I think it’s a vital issue, mainly because nowadays there is a real lack of awareness on the part of young people and this is a way of making us realize the importance of this issue. All major events should take it into account. How do you, in your daily life, contribute to sustainability? I guess the little details that almost everyone takes into account: recycling, using energy-saving light bulbs at home, commuting to work by public transportation, not turning on the light if it is not necessary... Are you going to WYD? How are you preparing? Of course I'm going! Well at least I’ll try to go, because I have a one-year-old daughter and by that time, I’ll also have a two-month-old... One of the best moments of my life was at WYD in Cologne. It's amazing to be with so many people from all over the world, sharing in the same spirit. This creates a really positive atmosphere. Thanks to this encounter, our horizons widen and we can see the Church from a different perspective, in all her glory. It's a big party, no doubt the “event of the summer”, and now we Madrid locals are lucky to celebrate it at home. The fact that it is a celebration cannot make us forget that the most important part of WYD is the meeting each of us has with Christ. With that in mind, many parishes and youth associations have long been organizing activities (such as times of prayer before the Blessed Sacrament) and my wife and I have participated in several of them. SOURCE WYD now has its Sustainability Logo (WYD Madrid 11)


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