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Vietnam devotees asked to work for Marian mercy

Our Mother of Perpetual Help faithful urged to follow Mother Mary's example of peace and forgiveness

Vietnam devotees asked to work for Marian mercy

Participants attend the opening Mass of the Our Mother of Perpetual Help meeting in Hue on Oct. 2. (ucanews.com photo)

Published: October 04, 2019 05:31 AM GMT

Thousands of devotees of Our Mother of Perpetual Help in Vietnam have been invited to take sufferers and the destitute to Marian mercy.

Some 4,800 members of Our Mother of Perpetual Help, a Catholic association led by Redemptorists, attended a meeting on Oct. 2-3 in Hue. Most are married women from across the country.

“We come here because we are thirsty for a Mother of Mercy that is a main source of hope for those who suffer grief, hopelessness and destitution,” Emeritus Archbishop Francis Xavier Le Van Hong of Hue told participants.

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The retired archbishop said many people are comforted and cured of their illnesses thanks to their passionate devotion to Our Mother of Perpetual Help.

He said he is happy that the number of members attending association meetings — held every three years — had increased from 3,500 in 2016 to 4,800 this year.

He urged participants to try their best to bring other people back to Marian mercy so that they can be healed and live a happy life.

Mary Dang Thi Kim Anh, who joined the association in 2012, said she has to travel by scooter to attend Sunday Masses at a church 30 kilometers from her home.

Kim Anh from Xuan Loc Diocese, the country’s largest Catholic population, said her group has 1,200 members who get blessed by Mother Mary thanks to regularly gathering to pray the novena to Our Mother of Perpetual Help.

She said a 40-year-old woman gave birth to her first child after many years of trying. “I myself was saved by Mother Mary after my leg was injured in a road accident,” she added.

Other participants expressed their deep gratitude to Mother Mary for keeping their families in peace, their children performing well at schools, keeping them faithful to their religious vocations, and returning them to the Church.

Father Dinh Tien Duc, head of a Redemptorist monastery in Hue, said: “All of us are children of Mother Mary and our mission is to make her known in your places by following her example to offer peace and forgiveness to those who pollute the environment, have abortions or cause social injustice to others.”

During the two-day meeting, participants recited the rosaries, danced and offered flowers to Mother Mary, shared their faith experiences, listened to Redemptorists’ talks on Mother Mary’s shining examples and watched cultural performances. They closed their meeting by a special Mass held at the National Shrine of Our Lady of La Vang in Quang Tri province.

The association was established by Redemptorists in Hanoi in 1930 and was closed after North Vietnam was controlled by communists in 1954.

Our Mother of Perpetual Help, which resumed its activities in 2011, has 40,000 members throughout the country.


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