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Tragic Korean ferry sinking 'needs further investigation'

Reasons for 'Sewol' disaster have not been fully revealed says group representing seven of South Korea's key religious groups

Published: June 24, 2016 08:30 AM GMT

Updated: June 24, 2016 08:31 AM GMT

Tragic Korean ferry sinking 'needs further investigation'

The Korea Conference on Religion and Peace (KCRP) have asked the government to extend the deadline into official investigations into the Sewol ferry sinking which are scheduled to cease at the end of June.

The conference has argued that the Special Committee to Investigate the Sewol tragedy should continue as none of the core reasons for the 2014 ferry sinking that resulted in the deaths of 304 people have been found.

"Since it two years have passed since a special act and the committee were established, the fact-finding activities have not been implemented well. We express grave concern on this situation," said the KCRP via statement.

The conference stressed that the sinking of the Sewol ferry was a man-made disaster and to prevent such tragedies reoccurring, Korean society needs to properly review what occurred based on facts.

"Now we should focus on a thorough investigation and countermeasures and not disputes over its deadline. By extending the deadline, we hope we can set alternative measures for the safety of society," the statement added.

The KCRP represents seven of South Korea’s major religious groups.

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