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Three countries to have first cardinal created Saturday

Archbishop Charles Bo of Yangon among those to receive a red hat over the coming weekend

Ann Schneible for CNA/EWTN News

Ann Schneible for CNA/EWTN News

Updated: April 24, 2015 03:08 PM GMT
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Three countries to have first cardinal created Saturday

A cardinals walks through Vatican City after a consistory in 2012 (Credit: Lewis Ashton Glancy/CNA)

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The different cultures represented by bishops who will be created cardinals this weekend demonstrate the Church's universality, thereby enriching the College of Cardinals, says the prefect of the Congregation for the Evangelization of Peoples.

Referring to those countries never before represented by a red hat, Cardinal Fernando Filoni said their presence “is also making the Church very universal, not only in name but also in fact, in presence. These different cultures are enriching the cardinals' college”.

Of the 20 cardinals who are to be created during the February 14 consistory at the Vatican, three hail from countries which have never before been represented by a cardinal: Archbishop Charles Bo of Yangon (Myanmar); Bishop Soane Mafi of Tonga; and Bishop Arlindo Gomes Furtado of Santiago de Cabo Verde.

In the two days leading up to Saturday's consistory, the College of Cardinals are holding meetings to discuss reform at the Roman Curia.

Cardinal Filoni said that during these meetings the new cardinals typically “bring to the attention of everyone their point of view”, and will also have the “opportunity to better know our work and how we do things”.

He added that there is a “balance of understanding and bringing,” noting that it “is very useful for us to listen, being here, and for them to understand and reach in”.

The Italian prelate also noted the how during past consistories, new prelates asked to be part of “the most important moments of decisions either to bring something or to listen to what is going on”.

“It's not just what others of different minds report but also what they themselves could listen to and see”, he said. “This opportunity of having this consistory is responding to their desire but at the same time to give them this opportunity and to us too.”

Francis addressed the cardinals Thursday at the opening of the consistory, stressing that “reform is not an end in itself, but a means to give a strong Christian witness” and “to promote a more effective evangelization; to promote a more fruitful ecumenical spirit; to encourage a more constructive dialogue with all”.

The pontiff released the names of the new cardinals during his January 4 Angelus address, having announced that the consistory would take place the previous fall.

Of the 20 new cardinals, 15 will be cardinal-electors, able to participate in future conclaves. The 15 new cardinal-electors come from 14 nations: five are from Europe, three from Asia, three from Latin America, two from Africa, and two from Oceania.

The day following the consistory, the pope and the new cardinals are to concelebrate a solemn Mass in St Peter's Basilica.

Original story: Three countries will be represented in College of Cardinals for first time

Source: Catholic News Agency

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