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Savio Hon Tai-fai: why China should free the bishops

In an interview with AsiaNews.it, Chinese-born Monsignor Savio Hon Tai-fai says that freeing China's imprisoned bishops and priests would be good for its image.

Savio Hon Tai-fai: why China should free the bishops

Published: January 18, 2012 08:44 AM GMT

Excellency, what do you think of the request for the release of these bishops and priests, or the request to at least know of their fate?Wanting to know of their situation, implies there is a form of system that will not allow any bad or negative news be leaked to the nation. The Chinese government's official response is always: "We do not know", and that is the response that the Holy See has received several times. But this response tells us that these people, as bishops, men of faith and fidelity to their Lord, disappeared for religious reasons. Their families and their neighbours give us what news they can. What can be done for these prisoners of faith? We need to pray for these bishops and priests who have disappeared. I must say that I am really proud of their witness. I am Chinese and so seeing this witness of my brother bishops fills me with joy and comfort. But we must also appeal to those who are holding these bishops. The authorities should try to solve this problem, not only because of the difficulties that result in the Christian community, but also for the problems it causes the Chinese nation. The news of arrests, disappearances, detention in forced labour camps or house arrest of bishops or priests, is quite damaging for China. If these people have done something wrong, please send them to court, not to prison or isolation. This mode does not solve any problems and damages China’s international image. Full Story: Msgr. Savi Hon: Freedom for arrested bishops and priests, is also good for ChinaSource:AsiaNews.it


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