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Religious tensions in Japan as Muslim population grows

The monotheistic nature of Islam is incompatible with the concept of polytheism in Shinto religion
Muslim residents in Japan gather for a Friday service in Japan's largest mosque, the Tokyo Camii (mosque), in Tokyo on Jan. 30, 2015

Muslim residents in Japan gather for a Friday service in Japan's largest mosque, the Tokyo Camii (mosque), in Tokyo on Jan. 30, 2015. (Photo: AFP)

Published: May 31, 2023 03:56 AM GMT
Updated: May 31, 2023 04:27 AM GMT

Japan's religious landscape is undergoing a transformative shift, which is all the more evident by looking at the growing number of mosques that have emerged in the country over the past two decades.

The change can be attributed to a lesser degree to increasing intermarriage between Muslims and Japanese citizens (many Japanese converted to Islam through marriage), but mostly to the rising number of immigrants coming from Islamic states.

The number of Muslims in Japan was estimated to be between 10,000 to 20,000 in the year 2000 while the current estimates are of over 200,000. That is a ten-fold increase in less than one generation.

Also, mosques that used to be an uncommon sight in Japan are no longer rare. As of March 2021, there were 113 mosques in Japan, up from only 15 in 1999.

A notorious case is the Masjid Istiqlal Osaka, which came up in Osaka's Nishinari Ward last year. It is housed in a structure that was once a factory. Donations from Indonesians mostly funded the costs of the renovation work, and we know that the largest Muslim population in the world is found in Indonesia.

While this trend reflects a more inclusive Japanese society, it also presents challenges and friction.

"Maintaining unwavering beliefs can sometimes blind us to our surroundings and lead to inflexible thinking"

An unsettling incident unfolded recently when a man from Gambia vandalized a Japanese shrine, confronting a woman mid-prayer with a chilling declaration: “There is only one God, the Muslim God, and here, there is no God.” This was all caught on camera and the video went viral online.

The comments from Japanese social media users were not pleasing.

"Maintaining unwavering beliefs can sometimes blind us to our surroundings and lead to inflexible thinking. It can make us resistant to accepting other perspectives, leading to friction. Islam serves as a prominent illustration of this phenomenon," read one comment.

Another comment was: “In Japan, the basic human right called ‘freedom of religion’ is guaranteed, and this is based on the idea that ‘allowing other people's beliefs’ is the basis. Those who attack the beliefs of others cannot share our values, so we cannot live together. The existence of such a dangerous Muslim person endangers also the living environment of all Muslims.”

And one more comment read, “The goal of Islam is world domination. None of this is compatible with the way of thinking that has been rooted in Japan since ancient times.”

I have chosen specifically the least “heated” comments.

Islam and Shinto are two distinct religious traditions with unique beliefs and practices. While both religions offer guidance and spiritual meaning to their followers, they differ significantly in their origins and core beliefs.

Islam originated in the 7th century, it emerged as a monotheistic religion centered on the belief in one God, Allah, and the teachings of the Quran, considered the holy book of Islam.

"This harmonious coexistence becomes inconceivable from the perspective of a Muslim"

Shinto on the other hand is the indigenous religion of Japan with roots that trace back to ancient times. It developed organically from Japanese folklore, rituals and animistic beliefs. Shinto does not have a specific founder or a single authoritative scripture but is characterized by reverence for kami, the divine spirits or forces present in nature and various aspects of life.

Also, Shinto does not have a comprehensive set of doctrines or a rigid belief system. Shinto emphasizes purity, gratitude and living in harmony with the natural world.

One notable aspect of Shinto is its inclination to embrace other religions, considering itself as a religion encompassing eight million gods. This inclusiveness is exemplified by the presence of the iconic torii (the traditional Japanese gate that marks the entrance to a Shinto shrine) inside many Buddhist temples.

Although it may seem inconceivable today, for over a millennium Shinto and Buddhism were in fact intertwined, with individuals visiting temples expecting to pay reverence to both Shinto kami and Buddhist deities.

However, this harmonious coexistence becomes inconceivable from the perspective of a Muslim. The concept of polytheism in Shinto is incompatible with the monotheistic nature of Islam. Islamic teachings emphasize the oneness of God and strictly prohibit the worship of any other entities.

This potential clash of faiths and divergent theological perspectives can make the idea of peaceful coexistence between Shinto and Islam difficult to conceive from a Muslim standpoint.

The recent act of vandalizing the Shinto shrine highlights the challenges in envisioning a peaceful coexistence between these two faiths.

*The views expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official editorial position of UCA News.

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Initially they say Good morning,,, then form colony,, then area,, the city & last departe country...it is going on from last 1500 years all over the world..
Haha you're funny. Do you mean the British colonial? Or France?
He means Arab Colonization
Eventually complete asia-pacific will turn into akhand Islamic
If Muslims were intended to do that they had the chance to transform the entire Asia. But, they never forced anyone to convert, and always maintained a good relation with people of different religion. So, do not impose the "Akhand Bharat" dream on Muslim
Insha allah, one day will come when people will follow only one religion, greatest religion of all, islam
You didn't read the article?. Japan's muslim population is increasing through marriage. "love Jihad". And peaceful living with Islam?. Joke right?. When Islam spreads secularism and liberalism dies. There will be no democracy in Islam only Islamic laws rules. Now Japan was known as land of innovation once Islam increase there it will go back to stone age.Proof is Afghan,Syria,Iraq,Iran,Lebanon and Moroco. And matter of Akand Bharat, Afghan,Pakistan,all were India's parts and soon to be.
Allow a large number of Muslims migration and you are asking for trouble. Social cohesion is torn. They have many ideas that are incompatible with modern society and values
Can you pl look into your own Islamic countries first and lebnon and Iran were what earlier
Yes..Stop those muslin enter our country before they turn build and expand more..dictator religion
Very true
If Japan government don't control this community sooner and later they'll breed like insects and outpace japan's own population growth rate.
Yeah Japan government should take action and stop this situation
Haha lol, so you want to did what Hitler did to the Jew? How facist can you be, just reeducate extreme muslim, its a better option than to become a facist.
Absolutely true !!! I've seen this in my country, India where the majority of people are Hindus. During last (3-4) decades, Muslim population grew in large numbers and different problems are cropping up. Japan definitely needs to think deep about it and the administration should take proper step for cordial cohabitation. Else, serious problema are envisaged.
The author is trying to malign Islam. It has nothing to do with Japanese Muslims but a lone criminal from Gambia. Stop spreading hatred but leave and harmony.
Islam is a religion brewing trouble all over the world be it Islamic state or non islamic
Many drops make a ocean.. I am sorry to say you are naive. If you live for another 30 years you will surely change your opinion.
The writer is from a Christian publication..not surprising that the article paints a negative picture of Islam.
Yes,the action is a crime, the root cause of the crime is? As per article.
Thats very true indeed.
That one muslim from Gambia do not read the Quran.
Andho bhakt tui bangalir name kolonko toder moto lok jara banglar ekota ke nosto koris bc
Islam is the religion of hate. Why you accomodate people who do not believe you? Allah is great for them, not for me..why they expect me to believe Allah?
The lone Gambian has nothing to do with Islamic ethics and principles.Aghast and humiliating follower!
Yes, When other religions can stay and enjoy their lifestyle in Islamic countries without any problems then it can co exist easily at Japan or other non islamic countries too. Author spreading hatred as usual to get about Islam and not showing the truth. Guilty person from Gambia should be punished for what he has done.
Its simply an expression of frustration .... there is not a single democratic Islamic state on earth which is inclusive they are backward ... and proud about it
The Gambian is only following the guidance & instructions from the Quran: Sura 9:5 - "When the inviolable months have passed, KILL the polytheists wherever you find them, capture..beseige..ambush..them." Sura 9:29 - "KILL those who believe not in God nor the Last Day, nor hold that forbidden which hath been forbidden by God and His Apostle, nor acknowledge the religion of Truth, (even if they are) of the People of the Book, until they pay the Jizya with willing submission, and feel themselves subdued." If the source of the religion espouses violence and intolerance, would the followers be any more tolerant? Obviously not.
Just check out the UK. Soon Muslims will take over. Then game over for the English
Islam means peace. A genuine Muslim never act like a man who attacks anyone for religion. This was an attempt prohibited by Islam and gives other people negative views on Islam. We denounce all acts of attack against any religion across the world.
Haha....this a joke of century...
The lurking danger due to population explosion with Islam is the final destruction of present civilisation. Kal yug is coming to an end there after silence. 2036 is the year when this will take lace. World in turmoil
Absolutely ????
I pity the half knowledged person who picked the fight. I would like to punish the moulas who have brainwashed to such an extent that attacking other faiths is normal.
Peace - there is spelling mistake - it is piece...
Most violent , backstabbing and dangerous religion is Isl8m. wherever it’s there, that area is spoiled. Worst people.
Who told Islam is Peace, take the history of world in their book it is written nonbelievers to be killed, what isis done they killed lots of men and women in Syria. All muslims marrying 4 women for productions to increase Muslim population and final they will have nothing to eat.
Good Joke. where are you from? Read the indian history of islam invasion by mohammed kazhini, gilji...etc and destruction of hindu temples, killed millions of people. what about recent terrors in past few decades. Good joke.
Peace ?? ????????????
Islam means submission, NOT peace. Read the quran.
You are allowed to lie to the Kafirs in Islam. Submission vs Peace are 2 different meanings altogether.
Nonsense. What religious tensions? So one crazy person vandalized a Shinto shrine. They should be caught and punished. I doubt that his fellow Muslims in Japan condone this act. The number of Muslims in Japan is still rather small, and many are non-practicing. Also, then tensions are nothing compared to the fiasco taking place in the UK and elsewhere in Europe. Stop making a mountain out of a molehill.
sir wake up before it's late for Japan... see the mes they r creating around the world... for them there is no nation no humanity nothing in world is greater than islam kindly don't take them for face value... save yourself and save Japan if you ra true Japanese.... God b wth you
Thank you so much for your actual realization. Discrimination, wrong assessment and torture are the main elements for spreading hate throughout the world. It is strongly prohibited to force someone for embracing Islam.
Always the Muslims disown the atrocities committed by muslims in this way. But in reality this is the Islam.We have not ever heard about a rejection of terrorism from the part of Islam. Basically there is no separation in Islam as good Muslim or bad Muslim. All are same.A person only can became a Muslim if he agree to follow the path of jihadhism. All the Muslims are jihadhis. And the world should not believe the preach of peace from Islam. World should act against the Islam not against the terrorists.
It will soon reach there also
The goal of Islam is world domination. They are breeding like crazy, they'll become the most populated religion in the coming times. Japan should distroy mosques and ban muslim practices. I want to say this to all japnese, there's still time or else they'll become minorities in their own country.
Japan should stop further growth Muslim population immediately. CWCE
A religion does not change one's race. A Japanese remains a Japanese no matter what faith he or she embraces.
Hahha... Funny, Ur statement full of hatred. And you call urself "the truth"? Spread love not hatred my man, then u will see the REAL truth.
And what should be the comment about Hinduism, Nonsense?
Let the authorities stop hiding their heads in the sand as they pretend to be 'progressive'and tolerant
So how are you different than that man by trying to destroy places of worship? Psycho
Yes, Muslim are Peace ambassadors. They Can Cut anybody's head , others shouldn;t make noise. They will not follow your / your country rule but will follow their own rules. You shouldn't object them. If You follow them then You are very secular. If Not you are abusive spreading hate. The Peoples who are supporting them take all these peoples in their country & houses. Only then will understand Western countries like France , Germany , spain , Belgium is already suffering the problems. But still in the deep sleep. When they will get awakened then the they have to leave their own religion & must follow their religions & rules.
Have you ever met Muslim in your live? We are here Muslim in Southeast Asia leave in peaceful with other religion...it's been hundred years since we live together and nothing like mass murder and terrorism happened here...usually the big terrorism is conducted by foreigner...we har never forced someone to convert..it's their own choice. I bet you had never met any Muslim before...just trash talk based on western media...MEDIA worshipper, you not even believe in god...just 100% trusts for MEDIA
That is absolutely spot on proof is egypt morrocco iran iraq and even myanmar being illegals they drove the locals out raped their women murdered their men and have them selves fake ethnicity calling themselves rohingya when in fact they are bangladeshis. Even with such poverty they bred 7 or 8 children per household and exhausted the resources in a short time and demanded a separate muslim state even though they were illegals and spat on the hospitality of the burmese people
The motive of the Gambian man is not clear. He might be mentally derailed. Islam/Muslims are coexisting with other religion everywhere. What he did is against the teaching of Islam and norm of any religion and civil society.
This is what majority of muslim population says for each terrorist act, they don’t have guts to talk against it.
Japan would be a LOT better without any Islam in its country. Seriously, don't let it take hold!
Once Muslims come in they take over. They forcibly convert you and start bringing Sharia. They should go to the Middle East and stay there
Japan should ban this Arab cult once and for all. This cult is a curse everywhere it goes. And now it's clearly a bane to the Japanese.
The writer should make a comparison of the effect of Islam with that of Christianity on Japanese society as Christianity was in Japan earlier than Islam.
Good story
Hilarious, Christians saying that we should accept polytheism because monotheism leads to inflexibility.
I guess the article was written because of incomplete understanding of Islam. Of course Islamic beliefs are sometimes incompitable with other peoples beliefs but Islam is not blind to reality.Islam tolerates disbelievers even if they are polytheists.But about destruction of places of worship it ultimately depends upon the need and interest of muslims.If there is a great number of non muslims then there is a need for those places of worship and they can not be destroyed but if non muslim population is small and they don't need those places of worship and if it serves the interest of the muslims(i.e muslims need those places of worship) then they can be destroyed.(see Akham Al dhimma by Ibn al-Qayyim) Also, Robertson, in his book Biography of Charlequin, said that “The Moslems alone were the ones who joined between Jihad and tolerance toward the followers of other faiths whom they had subdued, leaving to them the freedom to perform their religious rites.” (Gustav Lobon, Arab Civilization, p. 128 fn.).” Of course all this rulings come into effect if muslims are in power or in governmental positions but as a minority muslims are not allowed to do things which may bring harm to himself and his community he needs to follow the rules of the country.
According to you if there is a minority living with Muslims it is ok to destroy their place of worship. Are you out of your mind and seriously suggesting this or what? If you are that’s the stupidest thing one could say in this 21st century. This reflects indoctrination as a child about superiority of Islam in its followers which make them blind believers. Hope common sense and logic prevails.
This is one of the greatest display of brainwashing of Islam where the people tend to follow a book so blindly that they justify the destruction of other places of worship! It is high time for people to wake up
I think you guys deliberately misread what I wrote or focused on the things which serves your purpose or maybe language is the barrier here.Let me reiterate We don't go around destroying places of worship of other people but they can be destroyed as I wrote above the condition was that there are no non-muslims or the number of non-muslims are not that many that they need all those idols and it serves the interest of muslims. Because obviously we do not think every religion is correct, only Islam is correct or acceptable to Allah so, if there are no worshippers of a idol or the worshippers do not need those idols then we have an obligation to destroy them(Of course interest of muslims must be preserved).Whether you like it or not we will not tolerate idols which were once worshipped but not worshipped anymore(i.e: non-muslims don't need them)but as I said before Islam does not allow vigilantalism the decision is ultimately made by the rulers for these things in the interest of muslims(i.e which will benefit muslims most),random muslims on the street do not have the authority to do or decide these things.I hope I made things clear.May Allah guide you to truth.
I don't know if further misunderstanding is possible or not.But let me make things more clear.The other conditions that I mentioned(i.e disbelievers don't need them)must be fullfilled first then the ruler should choose the action which will achieve most interest of the muslims. And random muslims are not allowed to go around destroying whatever he feels like for whatever reason. Only ruler can decide that and again it must be done in the interest of muslims.
Wanted to make a small correction. I wrote mistakenly previously that the other conditions that I mentioned(i.e non-muslims don't need them or their number is small and muslims need those places) must be fullfilled before those places of worship is removed.Those conditions are actually secondary conditions or examples of such conditions where interests of muslims were served.The only thing the ruler needs to do is which serves the interests of muslims for example,if interests of muslims are served by leaving those places of worship alone because number of non-muslims are many so they need those places while muslims don't need them then he may do that and if the ruler thinks interests of muslims are served by removing them then he may do so.May Allah forgive me for my mistakes.
Person who Brock the stuff at Santo sharing was correctely following his Arbi Deen (religion). Prophet himself Brock 360 statues of macca after attacking and capturing the city... He did blood bath too
It seems to me you know lot about Islam.But you are mistaking something here Allah sent prophet(peace and blessings be upon him) to arabs whose message the arab polytheist rejected and fought with prophet and in the end Allah granted victory to the prophet and he conquered makkah and tolerance of arab faith was abrogated.But it does not apply to other polytheists after the conquest of Makkah.As was explained by Abu Layth al-Samarqandi, who comments on the verse “There is no compulsion in religion” (2:256), “That is, do not compel anyone whatsoever to this religion, after the Conquest of Mecca and after the Arabs become Muslim [i.e., the Arab polytheists of that time].” (See Samarqandi, Bahr al-Ulum)
Obviously you know nothing abt the openning of mecca. Actually year before the openning muslims lead the prophet pbuh went to mecca peacefully without any weapons want to perform the hajj. The disbelievers of mecca dont want muslims in to mecca. After negotiations, the agreement reached muslims can perform their hajj the following year. So, when the prophet pbuh and his companions went into mecca the disbelievers of mecca which more than 8 years attacked the muslims in medina afraid the prophets n muslims will take revenge. Infact the prophet pbuh FORGAVE all disbelieves. The very kind acts of the prophet pbuh eventually make most of disbelievers accepting Islam. So, when they became muslim, the 360 idols that yr mentioned destroyed by the people of mecca. That is the fact.
Please don't spread the wrong information. The reason our Prophet s.a.w broke those idols were because they were put around the Kaaba. Having the idols around Kaaba were the same as shirk. The Prophet s.a.w went to a specific other religions house of worship and destroyed what they worshipped.
This so called Muslim man is a disgrace to Islam, he should be punished for his act. If the law permits he should be given a public canning so that in future any Muslim will thing twice before he acts harshly towards other religion. Every Muslim should learn to spread the teaching of Islam in a very peaceful and diplomatic way.
Islam says do the convert with forcefully. And this is aim at islma.Islam is a terrorist religion indeed.
Please tell India Modi about freedom to choose and practise reliogion. You purposely magnify or create a hate story against Islam. Good riddance
A refreshing article by a Catholic organization towards another Abrahamic religion. Definitely what everyone needs in facing a growing atheism worldwide.
What is wrong wt the writer.."tension" what..? Nobody is forced to embrace Islam...it is the true teachings of Islam that attracts people to convert.. pls Mr writer think wise n don't trigger false alarm
Just wait you will see muslims are largest community all over the world InshaAllah. Islam is the only religion who believe oly one creator and every wises recieve Islam. Okay nice, I request to all please try to learn more about Islam then comment.
Society and demographics change slowly and gradually. Buddhism was not emerged in Japan, its also an alien religion for them because it originated in far land India. Shinto and Buddhism again have different ideologies. No body talks about when Non Muslims settle in Islamic Nations like UAE. The Hindu and Christian population have started to increase there and their places of worship also being built now which did not happen before 90s. This article is completely bias, it's not me who is saying it's the writer it self. Read their disclaimer... "The views are personal of the author"
what Japan did at Nanjing China will happen now at Japan. Time to beg an apology to China and correct its karma. These are not wishes, these are the facts of a animal book,they follow anywhere.
Tension because muslim people grows? Why u wrote like that? are you a sincere wroter ? Or got no intergrity and truth?
Then why allow them to come in and live in your country? Muslims think they own the world wherever they go and ppl have to bebd to their ways eventhough they are in foreign land which is the most insane of all. So called peaceful religion more like fanatic extremists and irrational behavior they produce. Please stop allowing them in. Japan is do tiny that's a lot if mosques.
1% terrorist in Islam are enough to destroy world 99% peace loving people don’t matter Slowly world is realizing the ugly face of Muslims Mushrooming all over world Why so many children? In future it is possible they will be punished by Allah for misrepresenting
How much are you paid to write against Islam by European countries? Are you considering readers of your article to be a child. You can't cause any damages to Islam. Think in a positive way.
Stop the muslim, dont let them multiply run free, whoever they touch force to convert. Take Care japan..Buddha the only God hahaahh
You derived your conlcusion about Islam, a religion that's over 1400 years old, expansive in its history and roots, with 1.8 billion followers, based on one incident caused by a nobody. I encourage you to explore other parts of the world, you will find that Muslims and non-Muslims coexist harmoniously for decades. When a thing is of the most purest truth, it will always find its way into the hearts of the thinking people, such is Islam. People don't need to be forced to convert to Islam, the truth will find them eventually.
Where these Beardman go they take terrorism and hate against other’s belief along with the. Co_Existence is alien to them. Kill or hack them to death for blasphemy LOL this much intolerance can’t come from the Almighty God.
Peaceful coexistence is the way forward to ensure humanity continue to progress positively.
The islamic dawa system is dangerous and annoying it will leave you isolated
Why does the religion always sow seeds of hostility and unrest? Thought it was a religion of peace. Learn to respect the host culture
That's if the guy from Gambia wasn't paid by France to create this defamation drama in first place?. Islam existed for a long while now and was the supper power of the world at one time and yet many Christians, Jewish, Hindus, Atheists, etc... coexisted for generations back to the time of the 1st and 2nd caliphate of Islam. Islam is growing in Japan because it is indeed the fastest growing religion in the world not because of migration alone and this acknowledgement doesn't pass western throats easily because it's a firm declaration that Islam isn't spreading by sword like they'd wish it, to attach negative stories to Islam like they've always done! After years of study and research into European and North American politics, one cannot deny the amount of lies used in their political propaganda to justify their wars and defame the reputation of all considered threats. Take Iraq WMD for example? Take this very article we're commenting under? "None of this is compatible with the way of thinking that has been rooted in Japan since ancient times.”.???? I don't think a Japanese person wrote this in first place unless they forgot Japan's expansion to China and the war with USA? Come on it's not even 100 years passed yet to pretend not knowing?????‍♂️ The way I see it, this entire article is nothing but an organised "gas added to an organised flame"! It's happening a lot lately and have been happening since 2001.
They will come, they will see and they will conquer. Cmon Japan don't do the same mistake as what Europe is doing
The truth will be clearer if the article also provides the statistics of increased number of churches in Japan (much more than mosques). Christianity is also monotheistic like Islam, Judaism ( all of them worship the same God). This writer is trying put one religion down to make his own look good. The truth is there are crazy people all over the world from all religions. The actions of misguided individuals are not a reflection of the religion. It is a sad world when we look at the religion first and then the crime. It is an evil intention when so called journalist try to breed hate with selective and biased reporting.
Wherever these ppl go they create nuisance. Hope they don't destroy the beauty and peace of Japan.
Why use 'Notorious'? Negative word, isn't it?
Hailing from Malaysia where this cult of terror has completely taken over, I can honestly say this is accurate portrayal of what Islam truly is, a disgusting, bigoted, evil cult that spreads like tumor. Forget China or USA being the source of all evil, or the conglomerates of rich greedy people, they're all nothing compared to this plague called Islam. I implore you all to discriminate and do not trust Muzzies (deragatory term we gave them) and protect your freedom and culture from this disease before it's too late
.... the author really lacking knowledge about Islam, shinto, Japanese, muslim communities, the difference between religion people and country/culture of people,and endless list i could list if not because I'm busy
Anywhere in this planet with a Muslim presence, there is always trouble. These believers are willing to die for their god. Religious fanatics too are rampant. Be careful
Islam is a peaceful religion. Before killing anything or anyone, they cut the throat first so that dying species don’t experience pain & blood flow slowly. After marrying Japanese women, they wd do this. Also, high end technology fridge of Japan will be used to store the body.
Wherever these people go, they are adept in imbalancing the equilibrium of the region. For other religions, serving humans is humanity but for Muslims, only Islam is humanity
Since 1980s, about last forty yesrs, if we compare the technolgy of last 200 years, the world has got advanced 400 years, we do not know what would happen by 2030. The advanves are possible only by some free minded people with having free thoughts. Muslims do not have any free thoughts, they are preoccupied full of hatred, they dream to the number at any means, mostly by giving birth. There is no good scientist, no inventer in their community. They are trouble makers, chaotic, unruly, impatiens to others, unaccommodated, martial behavior. Modern people are logical, but they are not. So the clashes are happening everywhere with them. They also are fighting within themselves.
I pity your ignorance. Try Google Avicenna or Al-khwarizmi. You might learn something
Dear please read about islamic Spain. If you want to know about contribution of islam to science. The architecture, science of Europe is contribution from islam. Just read about islamic Spain and there inventions. Most of modern science father is Muslims. The number system you and the world use is derived from islam. It's called Arabic numerals. Just don't tell what in your mind with reading or having any knowledge
The act of this man is shameful and totally unacceptable. We, Muslims, apologize our Japanese brothers and sisters for the distress caused to them by this disgusting behavior. Our religion teaches us to be respectful to others’ beliefs
Christianity and Islam are both a threat to the world. What Christianity does stealthily bribing people to convert to christianity Islam does that openly. In fact Islam has taken the inspiration for intolerance and superiority complex from christianity. Until both of these religions don't change their religious books world isn't gonna have peace. If you have seen WORLD WAR Z movie, the way zombies were multiplying its the same way for islam. It wants to make the entire world of zombies.
Islam is a religian cannot co exist with other relegions. Peace cannot come in Islam, since it believes in one God and nonbelivers are to be converted by any means. In any country if the Muslim population cross 50 percent they declare as Islamic state. their population is increasing in all countries. If it goes one day there will be no Shinto in Japan.
Even from a neutral Japanese point of view, the article is not good at all. I think it's just a sensational hype article promoting religious divisions.
It is not and was never the religion of peace, it's religion of hatred and genocide.
Yg betul2 memahami Islam tak mungkin akan merosakkan tempat ibadat orang lain, sbb itu dilarang keras dlm Islan
Apparently Mr. Cristian Martini Grimaldi knows very little to nothing about Islam. One persons crazy act can't be the source of a story!! This article is a shame only presents lack of understanding. It's ignorant people like the author who are the most dangerous for the society
I agree.But that person should be punished severely.
Islam doesn't allow application of force.Basic principle of Islam is " La qum dinukum walia din" means For u is ur religion,and for me my religion".There are many other commands in Holy Quran.Those who in the name of Islam behaves oppositely should be severely punished.
This article is very biased and does not represent the two picture of Islam. Surely the intention is to my malign Islam, like all western media.
Yes. A section of Western religious school's sole purpose is bashing Muslims, who obey the commands of Creator and Lord of mankind and pray five times a day.They do not understand it goes against showing love to creator.
You just can't judge a religion based on the action of a single individual. In every religion or idealism, there are good or bad people. Clearly what the man from Gambia did is absolutely wrong. Even Islam doesn't allow that. For that he should be punished. But other muslims living in Japan shouldn’t pay price or be judged for that man's deed.
Japanese have this fantasy for martial race like jihadis and gazies similar to brits and west.now reaping their fruits of fantasy for supporting these parasites. its called karma.
This Christian writer is trying his luck in promoting hates between the Japanese and small minority of Muslims in Japan. A single act of an insane and stupid Gambian has been highlighted as representation of Islam. Good luck!
Islam means terror. It has never been sect of peace. Where is Islam, every where crime, unrest, murder, indiscipline,impose their ideology on others. It is threat to all humanity and civilizations.
While there is an element of jealousy by the write because he belongs to Catholics, the truth remains why a person vandalized another place of worship. Do you hear this anywhere? Do believer of any other religion go and vandalize any other religion's place of worship? In fact among Asian religions we pray at each others' place of worship out of respect. Wake up call. Do not consider this incidence as an act of a single person.
I feel that this is a good turning point for Japan and its citizens to learn more about Islam by visiting mosques and have interfaith discussions very much like what UK and USA is doing. Japan like very much of the west now need to embrace Islam and not misjudge before learning more about it
How do people go time to do Timepass debates over such nonsense?
Any country that remains andcretains it's ethnic identity is safe. When populated with imported Muslims chances are unrest and terrorism will begin. It is the country that should see through these designs are prevent such change in demography. Appeasement politics for vote bank should be stopped at any cost.
Instead of saying positives, regarding slow adopness of Monotheism in a country like Japan, this article has negative tone that highlights concerns instead of love and sympathy, contrary to Western religious beliefs. This is not the teaching of our Lord and such aimless views will only support the cause who are mindless of God.
I think Japan is heading for turmoil soon. They have not learned from India and Europe. Let me wish them all the best.
Islam is the only religion that recognizes Christianity, respects the Virgin Mary, respects her son, and awaits his arrival with love. Why this inflammatory rhetoric that is full of envy and hatred? Instead LET'S Work for love, tolerance, and coexistence in peace!
Sex and sword are the instrument of Islam
Whether it is true
"Monotheism is not only in inslam, it's also in Christianity and Jews." So all those religion will not be suitable". Don't know where you got news? There is no such news in any major news portal. One site it's shown in Christian websites who worry about islamic growth in Japan which is outpacing Christian other channel are pro modi channel from India . Every body should know that people can't be forcefully converted as it's not allowed in islam. Those who telling forcefull convertion ,it's big wrong in islam. And those who tell there was forcefull convertion in India during mugal rule should be reminded that ,if it was there India would have been Muslim majority country, which is not. And for those who tell islam is growing fast should know why is it? Why there fertility rate high? Because they are following strict family values than any other religion. And for those who tell Muslim believe in one god should know, Christian,Jews all believe in one god, is that not a problem? And if any one Muslim person did one wrong doing entire Muslims are blamed. But for other religion it's not same. What if this is a psychopath/mad man , for his actions will you judge whole Muslims?
JAPAN, BEWARE! Islam had never played well with anyone else. Islam is trying to dominate people ALL THE TIME and a lot of time by bullying them. Either on state level or on a societal level or both. Large Muslim population in any country means allowing radically different ideas and core beliefs to be a part of your society that will always be incoherently different. You don't have to speculate about it. A simple look at Muslims in the west can give you an unmistakable idea about how to shoot yourself in the foot.
Every body knows how peaceful Islamic religion is very peaceful haaaaa haaaaa joke
Look at the Islamophobic remarks, which are largely made by Indian Hindu zealots and Catholic extremists. This should make you wonder who is a religious bigot and who publishes hateful things about whom.
WOW!! suddenly Islamophobia now invaded Japan. UAC so with this Christian portal..touch your heart why so much hate toward Islam.UAC ..is the Asia Chapter..should consolidate your Islamophobic campaign in Europe. Hundreds of churches bought and converted to mosques by Muslim.Knowing well Islam is the most oppressed religion in the world today. With surplus christendom fund in Europe but no believers need it..now siphon to Asia..which majority polytheism religion nation located..hopefully Asia will be the new bastion for trinity. Which are just another religion of polytheism. Japan.Korea amd many more nations seeking God worthy of worship..2030 the year..Islam will be the choice religion on planet earth. For me..gaining my PR and now a Muslim living in Malaysia. All should consider coming to this Examplar Muslim nation..a super tolerance people. Islam flourish and love by all. To those who sincerely seeking for realisation in living this temporal life, seek for the truth..human are created yo attain eternal life. I found peace and tranquil in Islam. Read Quran..If Allah the One amd only worthy of worship open and shower you with the light of Islam.Ameen.
I don't know why Indian Hindu is so obsessed with lambasting Muslim religion. The country is filled with poverty and corruption. It's not Muslims who are crippling your nation but your corrupted leaders and officials. Even during Covid19 period, your citizens are dying in the streets without aid. Open your eyes poor citizen and improve your livelihood. Muslims, like all religion, have extremists but at end of the day, we are just living day by day like everyone else.
I am seeing in the comments section, Only Hindus are hating Islam, earlier I was a hater also but after world cup in Oman seeing Islamic cultures and their perspectives I love Muslims, As well as I am thinking to revert soon as a Muslim
May be they all want to have five wife’s in life and meet hope or angel finslly, the community / culture is just a very good populace multiplier
The very nature of Islam doesn't allow its followers to co-live peacefully with others. They all have one mentality, that is, to dominate over others. They are in clashes with every religion. And when there isn't any other religion to fight with, they fight within themselves.
The level of bias and the racist tone of their article is deplorable !!
Native Japanese need to wake up. Otherwise Japan will soon become a Muslim country.
Why Muslims want to expand Islam at all costs when they cannot even prove that Allah exists! What good is human intelligence when entire world is running after a concept that cannot be proven.
Islam will take over the world and dominate whether the disbelievers like it or not!
EVERYONE. All religions are welcomed and one is not treated less or more. Allah isn’t the only god and Muslims are NOT extremists.
What a idiot, ignorant anxious article. For decennia muslims live peacefully in Japan. I've seen the immigrants apply certain Japanese ethics - like don't block the roads nearby the mosque to harm pedestrians - even more. But for a single incident for a person who doesn't understands islam, it instantly propose a threat? Budhists and Shintoist lived peacefully over centuries? This is not true, they once persecuted each other in Japan. Do we know also says that both can't live harmonously because of a incident? This is a Catholic news company, did you forget the persecutions in Europe of your church and the extinction of native people easily for that matter? Or the atheist ideologies that havoc Europe? Islam teaches to honour agreements (i.e. visa) when migrating to other countries and to not destruct religious places of other religions, whatever their opionis of God are. This man clearly did not understand it's faith. One would almost think that haters find incidents of disturbed people like this convienant to happen. Let's all just fear each other and wait for incidents like this to intrepreter as such. Truly redicoulous and a blaim to the peacefull coexistance happening in Japan.
Islām does not promote hate and intolerance of other goups or ethnicities. Islām teaches us to be fair and kind to our fellow human beings. The Prophet Muḥammad {S.A.W.} has said that the well treatment of neigbours is apart of faith. If your neighbour has encountered something good, you congratulate him, if bad befalls him, you console him. "Neighbours" in this context means those who are around you, where ever you are, not only those you live around, but any human being that you meet. If someone decides to be mean, then he isn't following the teachings of Islām. The whole religion cannot be held accountable for the actions of one person.
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