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Macau extends saintly teen’s Eucharistic exhibition

The extension comes after pandemic restrictions prevented many from seeing Blessed Carlo Acutis' creation

Visitors in Macau flock to the international exhibition “Eucharistic Miracles in the World” documented by Blessed Carlo Acutis

Visitors in Macau flock to the international exhibition “Eucharistic Miracles in the World” documented by Blessed Carlo Acutis. (Photo: Catholic Cultural Association of Macau)

Published: August 10, 2022 06:02 AM GMT

Updated: August 10, 2022 06:36 AM GMT

Macau Diocese has extended the duration of an international exhibition that Italian teenager, Blessed Carlo Acutis, created to spread Eucharistic devotion.

The decision to extend the exhibition was taken shortly after the former Portuguese colony eased out pandemic restrictions.

Macau became the first Asian diocese to host the exhibition titled “Eucharistic Miracles in the World” from June 17 to July 31.

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The organizer, the Catholic Cultural Association (CCA) of Macau Diocese, reopened the exhibition on Aug. 9 and it will run until September, Macau’s Portuguese-language  Jornal O’Clarim Catholic weekly reported.

Joni Cheng, the association’s director, said that the exhibition is being extended because it garnered a good public response, but many couldn’t visit as Macau was under strict anti-Covid-19 restrictions.

“In the first days of the exhibition, even before the [new] outbreak, the exhibition was very well received and attracted a large number of visitors, not only from the Catholic community, but also from other quarters of society,” Cheng said.

The worst outbreak of Covid-19 since it was first recorded in the island city two and half years ago, forced the authorities to impose strict lockdown measures that included the closure of museums and concert halls, and all cultural activities.

Following another round of mass testing for the city’s estimated 700,000 residents, the authorities eased restrictions on Aug. 2. However, media reports say the administration ordered another mass testing after a person who recently arrived from the neighboring city of Zhuhai tested positive.

This exhibition uses 17 photographs and historical narratives to show the miracles of the Eucharist that have taken place in different countries and regions over the centuries and have been recognized by the Church.

The miracles include those taken place in Lanciano and Bolsena in Italy, and more recently in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

The international exhibition across five continents is being sponsored and promoted by the Milan-based Association of the Friends of Carlo Acutis.

The exhibition is a legacy of English-born Italian Catholic youth and computer programmer, Carlo Acutis, who documented Eucharistic miracles around the world by creating a website before his death from leukemia in 2006 at the age of 15.

Carlo Acutis placed the Eucharist at the heart of his life and called it "the highway to heaven". He outlined an important characteristic of his existence, which is "living with Christ, by Christ, and in Christ". 

The Vatican beatified and declared him blessed on Oct. 10, 2020, just one step away from sainthood.


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