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Letter from Rome

Pope Francis is leading the effort to help the Church enter into the new paradigm

Letter from Rome

Pope Francis waves as he arrive to deliver his message to pilgrims gathered in St. Peter's Square during his Angelus Sunday prayer at the Vatican on Jan. 14. (Photo by Vincenzo Pinto/AFP)

Cardinal Pietro Parolin last week put his finger on the single most important issue that has become the driving force of the small but tenacious opposition to Pope Francis and his pontificate.

It is the full-scale “paradigm shift” the pope is working so diligently to bring about within the global Catholic Church.

That’s not exactly how the pope’s Secretary of State articulated it in a video-taped interview posted Jan. 11 on the Vatican News website.

But looking at the many changes and processes for change that Francis has set in motion since being elected Bishop of Rome in March 2013, the paradigm shift is definitely well underway. And this has caused some very influential people — both inside and outside the Church — to be extremely worried.

So what did Cardinal Parolin actually say? He actually used the word “paradigm” three different times in the recent interview conducted by the Holy See’s Secretariat for Communication.

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