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Koreans launch anti-abortion drive

Institutions combine to offer single mums needed support

Koreans launch anti-abortion drive
Bishop Gabriel Chang Bong-hun presides at a Mass launching the New Life Project

The Korean Church has launched a project to prevent abortions by mobilizing relevant Catholic institutions to assist single mothers after they give birth. The Pro-life Activities of the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of Korea (CBCK) launched the “New Life Project” with a Mass at Myeongdong Cathedral yesterday. The project combines 15 Church and pro-life group shelters for single mothers, and assistance from dioceses and hospitals to encourage unmarried pregnant women to have their babies. Catholic-run hospitals will offer free delivery for unmarried pregnant women who will be later offered accommodation at the shelters along with financial support from dioceses and parishes. The project will also focus on sex education for youths in Catholic schools and parish Sunday schools to prevent unwanted pregnancies. “Catholic Church teaches that human life begins from fertilization. Abortions and destruction of human embryos are heavy crimes that destroy life,” said Bishop Gabriel Chang Bong-hun of Cheongju, president of the CBCK Committee for Bioethics. “Life choosing life is life loving God. We all should be the protectors of life by respecting and loving life and being proclaimers of the Gospel of life,” he added. Father Casimir Song Yul-sup, secretary of the Pro-life Activities said the project would help many women. “Annually, some 4,000 single women have their babies and they are great mothers who protect life. This project is concrete action and will help them and many others greatly,” he said Related report Korean Christians vow to join fight for life KO13194.1640

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