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"I'm glad I quit smoking aged 104," says 110-year-old

As she celebrates her birthday, Dorothy Peel shares the secrets of her longevity.

Bella Battle

Bella Battle

Updated: October 01, 2012 04:04 AM GMT
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I'm glad I quit smoking aged 104, says 110-year-old
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ONE of the oldest women in the UK has celebrated her 110th birthday - and believes her long life is due to giving up smoking - SIX YEARS AGO. Dorothy Peel, from Hull, East Yorks, turned 110 last week - but says she believes she’s reached the milestone thanks to her quitting smoking when she was 104. The pensioner, who lives in a care home, still enjoys a mid-afternoon sherry and a glass of whiskey every day - but insists her good health is down to her not drinking whiskey until after 7pm. Dorothy said: “I don’t really drink much at all, I don’t drink whisky until 7pm. “I gave up smoking when I was 104. “When my nephew comes, he brings me a bottle of sherry. I have a small glass in the afternoon. “In the evening, I drink a small glass of ginger ale but it’s a bit too gassy, so I have to put a bit of whisky in. “I don’t really know why I’ve lived this long, I wish my husband had lived as long as me. “I think I’ve lived too long. It’s just that nothing seems to kill me.” Dorothy’s memories stretch back to the beginning of the last century and she is matter-of-fact about recounting them. She said: “I’ve lived through two world wars. In the second, the shelter I was in was bombed. “I was never really scared. I’ve been more bothered by an itch I have on my back.” Mrs Peel is not one for drama. She was bombed out twice in the war when she lived in Hull. The first bomb fell between her shelter and one next door. Her neighbours were killed. The second bomb fell when she was living in a Hull apartment block. The man in the flat below came to see her as the Germans flew overhead, offering to provide shelter. The building was hit and the pair survived. He was Freddie Peel and they eventually married. She says: “Freddie had been sent to Hull to look after the Customs House, I married him after he retired. He’d been married before and he had two daughters, who I knew well. “We were happy when we were married, though we didn’t have any family. “He died before he was 100, I was very sorry when he went.” Full Story: Dorothy, 110: I've lived this long because I gave up smoking ... six years ago Source: The Sun

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