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Contest to attract Catholics online launches in South Korea

Gospel-writing challenge is part of efforts to reinvent missionary work and re-educate faithful, Seoul Archdiocese says

ucanews reporter, Seoul

ucanews reporter, Seoul

Published: November 25, 2019 07:51 AM GMT

Updated: November 25, 2019 07:56 AM GMT

Contest to attract Catholics online launches in South Korea

Cardinal Andrew Yeom Soo-jung tests a Catholic app on his mobile phone. (Photo supplied)

Seoul Archdiocese in South Korea has launched an online gospel-writing contest in a bid to bring Christians and non-Christians closer to God using modern communication.

The contest, under the theme “Your word is a lamp for my feet, a light for my path," was launched on Nov. 22 and is open for 100 days.

It offers both Catholics and non-Catholics the chance to go on a pilgrimage to the Holy Land or win other prizes by writing daily gospel readings using their mobile phones.

Submissions can be made until Feb. 29 by downloading a Catholic app, the archdiocese’s committee for communications said.

“As Pope Francis has always stressed, in this new era of digital media, the Catholic Church needs to invent new ways for both missionary work and re-education of the faithful,” committee vice-chairman Father Hur Young-yup said.

He said the move can also create a Catholic cybercommunity where people can share their prayers and reflections on the app. 

Cardinal Andrew Yeom Soo-jung, the archbishop of Seoul, said the aim of the project is to “help people get closer to the word of God by reading, writing and reflecting a daily gospel every day.” He said digital technology is an excellent medium to do this.

According to the cardinal, the contest was inspired by an online service provided by the archdiocese’s Good News Portal since 2006 in which people are encouraged to “write a Bible.” In the last 13 years, about 130,000 people have used the service. 

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