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Cardinal Bo thanks pope for visiting Myanmar

'We are deeply moved by your paternal love for this church'

Cardinal Bo thanks pope for visiting Myanmar

A woman wearing traditional dress from Kachin State in Myanmar sheds a tear as she prays outside St. Mary's Cathedral during a Mass celebrated by Pope Francis in Yangon during his last day of a four-day visit,  on Nov. 30. (Photo by AFP) 


Published: November 30, 2017 10:02 AM GMT

MYANMAR – Yangon – 30.11.2017

St Mary’s Cathedral

Holy Mass with the young people

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Thanksgiving words by His Eminence Charles Cardinal Bo, S.D.B, Archbishop of Yangon after Mass


The sacred pilgrimage of Love and Peace comes to an end today.

It does not end. Our dear Holy Father has handed over the work love and peace to the young people.

It has been very tough three days in Myanmar.  But the sight of youth energizes our Holy Father in every part of the world.

He feels one with the youth of the world.  His joy doubles in the company of youth.  He trusts the youth.  St. John Bosco trusted the youth.

Holy Father today trust that the challenges faced by the country and the church can be faced with confidence by the youth.  Today the colorful community of youth is a great hope not only for the church but for this country.  Let all of you become a peace brigade, a peace army.

This Mass is the culmination of a great journey by our Holy Father.

Church role is to generate hope.  Our Holy Father is the apostle of hope.  For the last three days, Myanmar had the grace of being soaked in Christian Hope.   His presence was the healing touch to this nation.

As he ends his apostolic visit, on behalf of the whole church of Myanmar, I wish to thank the Lord for this miracle of Our Holy Father amidst us.  When you were elected Holy Father, you said the Fathers went to the remote corner to select the next Pope.  As a Pope, you have chosen to bless the remotest Catholic communities.  We are deeply moved by your paternal love for this church.

This is a blessed moment for us.  We assure our prayers as you start another three days of hard work.

May this nation’s history be blessed from today because you have blessed this soil with your visit!


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