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Alarm over rise of hardline Malaysian Islamists

Leader describes human rights and liberty as 'godless' and 'faithless'

Alarm over rise of hardline Malaysian Islamists

Picture: Malay Mail Online

Published: April 28, 2014 05:47 AM GMT

Updated: April 27, 2014 07:00 PM GMT

Equality, liberty and human rights are “godless” and “faithless” ideologies created by atheists to destroy Islam, hardline Islamic group Ikatan Muslimin Malaysia (ISMA) said today. 

Since Malaysia’s general elections in 2013, the non-governmental organisation has been  growing in popularity, striking a chord with more conservative Malay Muslims who support its push for Malaysia to become an Islamic state.

ISMA’s uncompromising views and bald statements have been criticised mainly by Malaysia’s non Muslim minority and rights groups. Some have likened ISMA to the Taliban in Afghanistan.

Speaking at  ISMA’ s convention for Muslim women, its president Abdullah Zaik Abdul Rahman also said civil society groups are proxies of a Zionist-Christian agenda that seeks to confuse Muslims with ideologies which are unIslamic.

“Islam is Islam. Ideologies are not part of Islam and all these ideologies are from the west..liberalism, liberty, equity and human rights are all agenda of the atheist.

“They are a godless and faithless ideology.

“There is no liberal islam or socialist islam. You are either a Muslim or a jahilliah (an ignorant),” he said.

He added that Jewish and Christian groups were bent on making the world in their own mould.

“They are proxies..the enmity is not new. This rivalry has been there since the Prophet Muhammad's days. The conspiracy to destroy Islam has always been there and they used various methods to make you stray away from Allah. This is an agenda to make the world Jewish and Christian,” he said.

Zaik also took aim at Malaysia's parliamentary democracy political system, calling a tool created by to serve the interest of the same Zionist-Christian group.

“Some of you may challenge me that what I say is merely a conspiracy theory. Well I can tell you for certain that this is true. It is a fact,” he said without giving further details.

Zaik said ISMA, which strives to ensure the “purest” form of Islam is upheld in Malaysia, was set up  to counter the threat against Islam.

Despite accusations to the contrary, Zaik claimed that ISMA promotes moderation and its version of Islam is universally suitable.

“We Isma promote moderation and I believe our model is timeless”.

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Source:Malay Mail Online

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