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  • The Malaysian family with a big heart

    February 19, 2018

    See this video from Faces in Malaysia about a family with a big heart. First, you have Adele, the youngest one. Adele was brain injured when she was 2 months old. But be prepare

  • Jesuit doctor helps rural East Timorese

    February 13, 2018

    There are a range of reasons why many in people in Timor-Leste have a hard time accessing healthcare services. There’s the mountainous terrain, a lack of transport and a shortage of facilities and medical workers are a few of the challenges faced. The end results is that many in rural areas — particularly children, women and the elderly — have a difficult time getting to hospitals or clinics. However, mobile medical clinics such as the one organized by the Jesuit mission have made this easier. According to Jesuit Father Antonio Martins Abad-Santos, who is also a medical doctor, every year his clinic is able to help about 5,000 people in several villages of Emera and Liquica districts.  (Photos by Michael Coyne)