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  • Sunday Gospel reflection with Fr. Bill Grimm

    February 23, 2018

    Today's Gospel is a Lenten reminder that the gift of being a beloved child of God that I received in Baptism leads to my own transfiguration. I walk the way of the Cross in this world, but it is a way that leads to incomparable glory.

  • Vietnamese Catholics celebrate Tet

    February 20, 2018

    Catholics in Vietnam try to keep alive various national traditions from food, clothes to rites during Tet celebrations. As the Lunar New Year, Tet is the most important festival in the Southeast Asian nation. This year it was run from Feb. 14-20. As part of an effort at inculturation, the local Catholic Church observes Tet's first day for the peace and prosperity of the nation, the second day for ancestors and the third day for jobs. Catholics account for seven per cent of the country's population of 90 million. Photos by a reporter.