Our mission is to give shape and context to the political, social and religious trends that inform all faith communities in Asia, but particularly the Catholic community.
We are there for the voiceless – those who seek for social justice and human rights – we will be their voice when no one can hear them. We will bring the lives and experiences of Asian Catholics to their brothers and sisters in the United States, Europe and elsewhere to ensure there is a sense of Catholicism and sustainability of religion.
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UCA News

UCA News is the leading independent Catholic news source in Asia. With a network of journalists and editors span throughout the continent, we provide the most accurate and up-to-date news, features, commentary and analysis, and multimedia content on social, political and religious development that relate or are of interest to the Catholic church in Asia.
Father William J. Grimm, a Maryknoll Missioner of 40 yrs experience in Asia has given ucanews.com visitors the benefit of his learning, prayer, wisdom, and experience. Now the text of those homilies is published for anyone wanting to deepen their understanding of the homilies and find materials for fruitful prayer on Sunday readings.
Thriving on Difference:
Jesuits and their Successful
Engagement with China

UCAN secures the rights to release this exclusive DVDs collection outside China. The documentary shows the chronicle of how the 18th century Jesuit missionaries establish relationship with China.
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Publishing Service
La Civiltà Cattolica is the oldest magazine in the world written by Jesuits and all articles are viewed and approved by an official of the Vatican’s Secretariat of State before publication.
The magazine is a publishing project given to the Jesuits by Pope Pius IX in 1850 and in 2017, the magazine has extended its publication to different languages including French, Spanish, Korean, and English.
With our expertise in Catholic communities in Asia, we became the trusted source for information among English-speaking countries, UCAN has been entrusted to exclusively oversee publishing services for its English edition which includes editorial, website content, social media, and shipping management.
La Croix International, our partner, is the world’s premier independent Catholic daily that provides unique insights on issues that matter in the wider world through Catholic lens with rich editorial resources from some of the world’s leading independent publishers in Catholic Church.
Intended for international readership, UCAN, as the expert on issues such as human rights, social justice, and religious in Asia and beyond with our span of worldwide journalists network, is trusted to provide editorial services as well as marketing services which include market analysis, brand story, and creative guidelines.
In partnership with Trish and Tony Clark, Anthony Luciano and Tranzmedia Netvision, UCAN oversees brand story, content management, and web management for this guide to convent and monastery accommodation; extending its market beyond Europe to Asia and Australia.
Skymorials, an online space dedicates to preserve the life stories of the extraordinary people in your lives. UCAN provides on-demand marketing service in breaking through to the Asia’s market.
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