Help us in this Catholic mission

Sharing academic and scientific research on Asian Catholics is essential!

We believe that academic and multidisciplinary studies help to better understand the current challenges and transformations of Asian Catholicism and Asian societies.

While sociologists, anthropologists, political scientists and other scholars conduct research on the lived realities of Asian Catholics, it is important to share their findings and on-going discussions with broader audiences.

UCA News has partnered with ISAC - the Initiative for the Study of Asian Catholics - to produce podcast series bringing scholarship on Asian Catholics beyond academic circles.

While these podcast series are made publicly available for free, we need your help to continue this mission.

Together, we can make a difference and improve public knowledge on Asian Catholics.

Get the eBook 'The Franciscan Pontificate' as a complimentary gift.

Online Roundtable on 06 June 2024

In this roundtable, the speakers will unpack what the election results may mean for Indian Christians at local, regional, and national levels. How are the results going to impact India’s religious coexistence and social cohesion?

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