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April 11, 2018

Vietnamese suffer increasing water pollution

Many people in cities and remote areas throughout Vietnam are living with unsafe water from rivers and ground water which are polluted by garbage and uncontrolled waste.

People have bad habits of throwing garbage, dead animals, bottles of insecticides and herbicides into rivers, streams and lakes. Water and liquid waste without treatment from resident areas, factories, hospitals and even mines is freely charged into nature.

In many places, villagers have to take water from pools kilometers away from their homes or collect rain water for their daily uses.

Water pollution results from poor law enforcement bodies and public awareness of environmental protection.

On March 16, the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment called on all cities and provinces to promote communications on saving and protecting water resources.

The ministry said sustainably managing water resources is an urgent task to protect the indispensable resource in the process of the nation's development.

(Texts and photos by ucanews.com reporter)

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