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June 01, 2023

Thousands of Vietnamese Catholics offer flowers to Mother Mary

Tens of thousands of Marian devotees in northern Vietnam perform traditional dances and offer colorful flowers and candles to Mother Mary at the So Kien Pilgrim Center in Ha Nam province on May 31.

The grand event with the theme, "Renewing the Faith Life with Mother Mary," marked the end of May — the month of flowers dedicated to Mother Mary.

Some 540 dance troupes and 20 bands, totaling more than 12,000 people from Hanoi Archdiocese took part.

The performers dressed in traditional costumes show their thanks and love to Mother Mary and pray for the local Church to be in divine peace.

Catholics from Quan Hao parish in Yen Bai province carried a Marian statue in a procession of cars through villages and Yen Bai city to show their deep devotion to Mother Mary.

Catholics across the country traditionally perform folk dances and offer flowers to Mother Mary in their parishes on the first and last day of May and on the Saturday's of the month .

By UCA News reporter

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