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September 01, 2023

South Koreans protest Fukushima waste water release

In South Korea, opposition parties, civil society groups and religious communities have strongly opposed and intensified their protests against the Japanese government's decision to release the treated water from the now-defunct Fukushima nuclear power plant.

South Korea accepted the IAEA's findings, while China openly voiced its opposition, calling the move "extremely selfish" and summoning the Japanese ambassador to file a formal diplomatic protest.

Public concern in South Korea over the launch of the release plan remains strong: according to polls, the majority of Koreans are worried about the possible contamination of seafood and the oceans.

In a July poll by the Media Research Institute, 62 percent of Koreans surveyed said they would reduce or stop consuming seafood once the releases occur, despite assurances from the South Korean government.

Korean Catholic bishops as well as 42 other Catholic organizations, reiterated their firm opposition to the Japanese government's decision to dump treated radioactive water into the sea.

Photos: AFP

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