Saints of the
New Millennium

What exactly does this new feature series mean?

Saints of the New Millennium is a new feature series that aims to profile several ordinary Asian Catholics as part of our mission to help the world see the face of the Church in Asia.

It goes with the idea of the ongoing Vatican Syond on Synodlaity which, among other things, wants to make space for the voices of those who are often marginalized or excluded.

November is the month we remember all saints. Saints were extraordinary people capable of extraordinary things. However, they were not unlike the rest of us. In fact, they are us. St. Paul refers to us, the followers of Christ, again and again as saints. In November, we are starting the new series that will profile some of Asia’s saints — “ordinary” people who try to live faithfully amid the demands of life in our time. Let their example encourage us to live our own sainthood.

Why is it important?

The new series is also part of our attempt to project the changing face of the Church in Asia. Amid the changing socio-political realities in Asia, it is important to debunk the idea of projecting Christianity as a colonial leftover.

Each of the eight features in the series will focus on the life of an ordinary Catholic person, and provide a detailed look into their life in a particular Asian country, against the backdrop of that country's socio-political reality.

Our editors maintain a clear understanding of what they need to convey to readers through this new series. They are also aware of the difficulties and obstacles in gathering information for these features from Asian nations, many of which are under authoritarian governments.

Although these features come to you for free, producing them requires financial support. The financial crisis is the only obstacle that is stopping us from bringing these interesting stories to you and the world.

The budget we have set for this particular series is around US$16,000

We fear that financial constraints will hinder us from giving our best to complete this series. That’s why UCA News needs your support and help.

The only source of support that can be with us in these difficult times is you — our generous readers and supporters. We rely on your generosity to keep our work going.

How to be a part of Saints of the New Millennium

You can be a part of this series by contributing an amount of your choice/ with a contribution, no matter how small, to UCA News.

Your generous support can help us to achieve our goals. Your donation will help us cover the costs of producing high-quality series as well as commentaries, podcasts, videos and other stories.

We hope you will join us in our efforts to promote independent journalism and provide a platform for diverse voices.

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