Christ Calls,
Asians Respond

Stories of people who join the Church

The latest series from UCA News ‘Christ calls, Asians respond’ highlights the journey of catechumens who will receive the Sacraments of Initiation on Easter Vigil.

Lent is the season during which catechumens make their final preparations to be welcomed into the Church. The stories of how women and men who will be baptized came to believe in Christ are inspirations for all of us as we prepare to celebrate the Church's chief feast.

Here, in this series, UCA News presents the stories of people who join the Church in proclaiming that Jesus Christ is their Lord.

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Although these features come to you for free, producing them requires financial support.

The budget we have set for this series is around US$15000.

During this Lenten season, we seek your support that can help UCA News bring such inspiring stories from Asia to the global audience.

You can make a difference by contributing as little as US$5.

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