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UCA News has been publishing exclusive, regular feature series over the past few years. The topics we cover relate to issues that are of interest to the Catholic Church in Asia. We've discussed interesting topics like the Challenges Facing the Asian Church, Slavery in Asia, Changing Face of Asian Mission, Unequal Christians of Asian Churches, Christ Calls, Asians Respond, Asia shares world-wide shame and many more. These stories were from different countries in Asia, including Japan, South Korea, Vietnam, Philippines, India, Bangladesh, Myanmar, and others.

We had a clear goal in mind when we decided to release these informative series. We wanted the stories of the people in need to be heard by our global audience. We are extremely happy to know that our work has enlightened many people around the world.

What next?

Overwhelmed by the response, we have decided to produce more of these series for our readers. Investigating and reporting stories from different parts of Asia is a challenging task and our reporters are always on the move for adventures.

But financial constraints are a real stumbling block in this process.

Why we need your help?

UCA News wishes to bring out special features, news stories, commentaries, podcasts, and video broadcasts that are exclusive and in-depth, and developed from a view of the world and the Church through informed Catholic eyes.

We request you to be part of our journey.

Help us keep UCA News independent.

UCA News Catholic Dioceses in Asia
UCA News Catholic Dioceses in Asia
UCA News Catholic Dioceses in Asia