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Diocese of Fengxiang

Bishop Luke Jingfeng Li
Bishop Luke Jingfeng Li
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Bishop Luke Jingfeng Li
65 West Ave Catholic Church, Fengxiang county, Shaanxi province China P.C. 721400
+86 971 722-3395
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Bishop Luke Li Jingfeng is 87 years old in 2009. He was born into a devout Catholic family in Gaoling county, Shaanxi province, in 1922. All but one of the eight children became priests and nuns, and all but his brother, Father Conrad Ly (Li Shaofeng), who left the mainland in 1946 and then served in Taiwan until his death, remained on the mainland. Died on 17.11.2017.

Bishop Li had refused to join the government-approved Catholic Patriotic Association (CPA) and referred to himself for a long time as an underground bishop. However, he has run Church affairs openly without much interference from government officials for many years. He was ordained a bishop in 1980. He has been arrested at least once by Chinese authorities. In August 2004, Bishop Li "surfaced" from the "underground" Church community to join the "open" Church, but not the CPA. The association and the Bishops' Conference of the Catholic Church in China are the two national administrative structures of the government-approved open Church community.

Bishop Li, was one of the four mainland prelates invited by Pope Benedict XVI to the Synod on the Eucharist in 2005, which brought bishops from around the world to the Vatican, but the Chinese government did not allow any of the four to go.
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Support Asian Catholic Dioceses Directory
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