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As India continues to struggle with worsening Covid-19 crisis and severe medical shortages, local Church leaders are urging to hold a day of prayer and fast on May 7 in solidarity with the country fighting against the spreading pandemic.

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Diocese of Kalookan

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Diocese of Kalookan
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The two cities and one municipality are under the leadership of local mayors. All local governments have smaller political units called barangays headed by an elected captain and council.


Jeepneys, taxis, mini-buses, taxi cabs and tricycles bound for Kalookan City are available in many parts of Metro Manila, with fares based on distance traveled. Air-conditioned vans and similar public-utility vehicles charge fixed rates regardless of distance. The main road artery cutting through the metropolis is EDSA or Epifanio de los Santos Avenue. In general, buses take the main roads, and jeepneys, the secondary roads. Kalookan is the gateway to the north, via the North Luzon Expressway. The Light Rail Transit's northernmost terminal, Monumento station is at the center of Kaloocan's commercial district. It cuts through Quezon City and Manila, and ends in Baclaran, Para?aque City.


The diocese has a total land area of 55.12 square kilometers. It comprises the cities of Kalookan (south) and Malabon and the municipality of Navotas, Metro Manila. There are no dominant ethnic groups in the diocese and people's main spoken and written languages are Filipino and English.


Poverty incidence in the 3rd District of the National Capital Region (Valenzuela, Kaloocan City, Malabon City, Navotas) is 9 percent based on 2000 estimates of the National Statistical Coordination Board.


Radio, cable and regular television networks are available throughout the area, including telephone and internet connection provided by Globe, Smart, Bayantel and Philippine Long Distance Telephone networks.


In 2003, simple literacy rate for Metro Manila is 99 percent and functional literacy is at 94.6 percent according to the National Statistics Office, Demographic and Social Statistics Division.


Native culture has generally been relegated to special commemorations. Music, song, dance and drama in the region are highly urbanized and westernized.

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