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Diocese of Taungngu

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Diocese of Taungngu
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Taungngu Diocese is, in the middle part of Myanmar and the area of the diocese is 49,600 square kilometers.


Ethnic Groups in the diocesan territory are: Gheba Kayins, Ghekho Kayins, Sgaw Kayins, Bwe Kayins, Sokhu Kayins, Burmese, Indians, Chinese, few Kayahs, few Kayaws and few Shans.


1868 - Arrival of PIME Missionaries, they took charge of Eastern Burma, were stationed in Taungngu
1870 - Apostolic Prefecture of Eastern Burma erected
1890 - Vicariate Apostolic of Taungngu erected
1950 - Kyaingtong was taken from the Vicariate of Taungngu and raised to that of Vicariate Apostolic of Kengtung (Kyaingtong)
1955 - Diocese of Taungngu erected
1961 - Division of the Diocese of Taungngu and Diocese of Taunggyi

Bishop Bigandet's first tour of the country brought him to Taungngu on Jan. 17, 1857. Father George D'Cruz had been there for about one year as chaplain to soldiers established there. Apart from soldiers, there was hardly a Catholic in town.

The first priests of the Milan Foreign Missions Society, PIME arrived in 1868.They found a station with two catechists at Leitho and about 150 Catholics - apart from the soldiers - in town and in the countryside. Father Eugene Biffi, Father Rocco Tornatore, Father Carbone and Father Conti were the first missionaries.

PIME Bishops who ruled the Prefecture of Eastern Burma

Msgr. Eugene Biffi, PIME (1870 -1881)
Father Tancredi Conti, PIME (1882 - 1889)
Father Rocco Tornatore, PIME     (1889 - 1908) In 1890, Taungngu was raised to the status of Vicariate Apostolic and Msgr. Rocco, the Prefect was consecrated by Bishop Bigandet on the occasion of the solemn of the Cathedral of Mandalay.

On Jan. 26, 1908 Bishop Rocco died in Yado and was buried in Leiktho. On Jan. 24, 1909, Bishop Emmanuele Sagrada was consecrated and worked more than 30 years and died in 1939. Bishop Alfredo was consecrated in 1937 when Bishop Sagrada retired and succeeded him as Vicar Apostolic of Taungngu. In 1950, Kyaingtong was separated from the Vicariate Apostolic of Taungngu and raised to Vicar Apostolic of Kyaingtong and Fr. Guercillena became the first Vicar Apostolic of Kyaingtong.

On Jan. 1, 1955, the Vicariate Apostolic of Taungngu was elevated to the status of a diocese with Bishop A. Lanfraconi as first residential Bishop. In 1959 Bishop A. Lanfraconi returned to Italy for medical treatment and died there in November 1959. The diocese was ruled by Vicar Capitular Msgr. Pasquale Ziello, PIME from 1959 to 1961.

In March 1961, the Diocese was divided into a southern part namedTaungngu Diocese and a northern part called Taunggyi Diocese. T Bishop of Taungngu Msgr. Sebastian U Shwe Yauk was consecrated on May 21that year by Pope John XXIII in Rome and he ruled the diocese for 27 years. On June 4, 1984, Father Isaac Danu was appointed Auxiliary Bishop of Taungngu and then consecrated on Jan. 17, 1985 at Leiktho Takone by Bishop Sebastian U Shwe Yauk. Bishop Sebastian U Shwe Yauk died on July 13, 1988. Bishop Isaac was appointed Administrator of the Diocese on July 18, 1988 and he was nominated Bishop of Taungngu on Sept. 20, 1989.


A diocese of evangelization and unity led by model and competent leaders in practicing deep spiritual Life and promoting holistic development in communion with others.


We the people of Taungngu diocese, commit to:
Mature and prayerful life, self-sacrificing and witnessing our faith to be model to others under guidance of the Church and obedience to civil laws.
Proclaim, preach and teach the Good News of salvation of mankind with perseverance and redemptive love of Christ, harmonious relationship with other religions in sharing our faith and common beliefs.
Spiritual, technical, social and leadership formation relevant to our program, services and relative to Church social teachings.
Uplift the living standard of the poor and the needy through education and promoting abilities in using and sustaining community resources.


Taungngu Diocese coveres low land areas and high land areas. In the low land there is a railway passing through from south to north and car roads are mainly used for transportations. There is a rough car road passing the high land from south to north east. Traveling on foot is still a main way of transportation in high land.


The literacy rate in the diocesan territory is about 75 percent.


The tribal groups are much interested in music songs and dances. They are to be praised for their natural talents in singing, dancing and playing of musical instruments.

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