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Archdiocese of Daegu

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Archdiocese of Daegu
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In a land area of 9,129 square kilometers, the Daegu archdiocesan territory includes Daegu Metropolitan City, and cities of Gimcheon, Gumi, Gyeongju, Gyeongsan, Pohang, and Yeongcheon, and counties of Cheongdo, Chilgok, Goryeong, Gunwi, Seongju, and Ulleung, in Gyeongsangbuk-do (province).

Daegu archdiocese was erected as apostolic vicariate on Apr. 8, 1911, and became archdiocese on Mar. 10, 1962. From it, Busan diocese (1957) and Andong diocese (1969) were carved out as suffragan dioceses and now it has all four suffragan dioceses of Andong, Cheongju, Masan, and Busan.

Daegu archdiocese is the center of Catholic Church in southeastern Korean peninsula. During the persecution period in 19th century, Catholics including St. John Yi Yun-il were executed at Gwandeokjeong in Daegu. Gwandeokjeong was the military training center and used for the execution place of the criminals. Now, Daegu archdiocese manages the place as a sacred place for the Church and set up a chapel where the body of St. John Yi is preserved.

For the efficient management, the archdiocese divides itself into five episcopal vicariates and every vicariate has respective office and does their pastoral work.


In Daegu archdiocesan jurisdiction, the population is 4,533,397 at the end of 2016. (Some 9.2 percent of the whole population 51 million in the country). Most residents are ethnic Koreans.


The standard Korean is in use. English, a mandatory subject in schools, can be spoken and understood in business and tourist areas. All the traffic signs are explained in English as well as Korean.


Daegu archdiocese belongs to the temperate zone featuring four distinctive seasons of spring, summer, autumn and winter. The yearly average temperature of Daegu is 13.2 degrees Celsius. The annual precipitation in the region averages 1,030 millimeters. Most of the rainfall is concentrated in the rainy months (monsoon period) of June through September. However, Daegu is located in basin surrounded by mountains, and the weather in summer and winter is very hot and cold respectively.


The Gyeongsangbuk-do (province) is located in the southeastern area of the Korean peninsula. Also, Daegu, the capital city of the province, is famous for its fiber and textile industry.

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