Diocese of Sultanpet
Diocese of Sultanpet

The new diocese of Sultanpet, include the civil district of Palakkad in the state of Kerala, located in the southwest of India and is bordered by the Diocese of Coimbatore and Calicut. It will be a suffragan diocese of the ecclesiastical province of Verapoly. The parish church of San Sebastian, located Sultanpet in the city of Palaghat, will become the Cathedral Church of the diocese.

The new Diocese of Sultanpet has an area of 4466 km² and has a Population 4,260,435, among whom 30,975 are Catholics. It is comprised of 21 parishes, 14 Diocesan Priests, 18 Religious Priests, 9 Religious men, and 102 Religious sisters. It has 21 Schools, 12 Hospitals and clinics.

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