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Diocese of Kanjirapally

Diocese of Kanjirapally

In a land area of 1, 980 square kilometers, the diocesan territory covers the rural and mountainous regions in the civil districts of Kottayam, Iudkki and Pathanamthitta districts in the state of Kerala.


The total population of the diocesan territory is 1,425,824 (as per the Census of 2016). Kanjirapally has been a multi-ethnic and multi religious town in the district of Kerala. Christians forms the largest community followed by Hindus and Muslims.


Malayalam, English & Tamil are in use in the diocesan territory.


The territory is well connected with roads. The district has daily train services to all major cities of the country. The nearest airport is the Cochin International Airport which is nearly 70 kilometers from the diocesan headquarters.


The diocesan territory has a pleasant climate. The most important rainy season is during the South West Monsoon which sets in the first week of June and extends up to September. The North East Monsoon extends from the second half of October through November. The average annual rainfall is 2,840 mm. During December to March, practically no rain is received and from October onwards, the temperature gradually increases to reach the maximum in May, which is the hottest month of the year. The temperature in this region is comparatively low considering other parts of Kerala. The maximum temperature in the month of May comes to 34 degrees Celsius.


The economy of Kanjirapally Diocese is mainly based on agriculture. A major part of the population depends on agriculture for their livelihood. Rubber is the main cash crop. Coconuts, coca, pepper, vanilla and coffee are other major cultivations. Major industries related to the processing of rubber latex and manufacturing of rubber products. Tourism has a major contribution to the districts of Kottayam and Idukki. The majority of Christians in the diocese are financially well off.


The level of telecommunications infrastructure is high. Almost everyone has a mobile phone. Most of the homes have television, telephone and internet. In rural areas access to internet is limited.


Literacy rate in the diocesan territory is 95.90%, higher than the national average of 59.5%.


Kottayam district consists of two Revenue Divisions Kottayam and Palai. There are 5 taluks in the district and Kanjirapally is one among them. Kanjirapally diocese belongs to Kanjirapally taluk in the district of Kottayam and is administered by Grama Panchayath, headed by a President.

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