All you need to know about the Church in Myanmar

“I write these lines as a spiritual leader, empathizing with the sentiments of millions of people at this moment… I write with love towards all, seeking a durable solution, praying for an end forever to the periodic darkness that envelops our dear nation…”

~ Cardinal Charles Maung Bo, Archbishop of Yangon, wrote in a message to the people of Myanmar and the international community following the Feb. 1 military coup in the Southeast Asian nation.

What is going on in Myanmar? What is the Catholic Church calling for today?

What is the local Catholic population? How many dioceses, bishops are there…

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Diocese of Jowai

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Diocese of Jowai
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In a land area of 3, 819 square kilometers, the diocesan territory covers civil districts of Jowai, Khliehriat, Rymbai, Shangpung and Sutnga in the state of Meghalaya.


In 2016, total population in the diocese was 435,935. Pnar, War, Garo, Nepalee, migrant Biharis are the major ethnic groups.


Khasi, Pnar, War, Garo and Hindi are the various languages spoken in the diocese.


Diocese of Jowai was erected on Jan. 28, 2006, by Pope Benedict XVI, and Father Vincent Kympat was appointed its first bishop. He was ordained on April 2, 2006, by the Apostolic Nuncio to India Archbishop Pedro Lopez Quintana.


Villages and small towns are administered by elected local bodies called panchayats and municipalities respectively.


The diocesan area is well connected in terms of transport infrastructure by roads. The nearest airport is in Guwahati.


Per capita income in the diocesan territory is Rs 18,274 ($393) as of January 2010. Farming is prime occupation. Vegetables like potatoes, and cauliflowers and fruits like sweet oranges, arcanuts and beetle leaves are also grown.


Government and private operators provide extensive telecommunication facilities in the diocesan area. The diocese is well connected by local cable TV networks.


Jowai is the biggest town in the diocese. One fifth of the land is a reserved forest. The landscape is beautiful and it is a plateau surrounded north by the Assam, south by the plain of Bangladesh, west by the hills of Shillong archdiocese and east by the hills of Cachar district. One fourth of the area is coal mines and lime stones.


Nearly 60 percent is the literacy rate in the diocesan territory.

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