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Diocese of Yongnian

Diocese of Yongnian
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Pope Pius XI established apostolic prefecture Yongnian on May 24, 1929. It was raised as an apostolic vicariate on March 6, 1933 and later to a diocese on April 11, 1946. 

It covers regions such as Yongnian, Jize, Zhuzhou, Weixian, Chengan, Cixian, Handan, Qinghe, Guangping and Feixiang. The cathedral located at Zhaozhuang of Weixian. 

Plans are afoot to build a new cathedral designed by the School of Architecture of the Hebei University of Engineering in Handan at an estimated cost of around 3.5 million yuan. 

Local government approved the plan in 2013 and it will located in the Wulipu Village in the Sucao Township.

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