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Diocese of Siping

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Diocese of Siping
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The Roman Catholic Diocese of Sipingjie/Siping/Szepíngkai is a Latin suffragan diocese in the Ecclesiastical province of the Metropolitan of Shenyang.

Its episcopal see (no cathedral) is located in the city of Sipingjie (Siping, Jiling or Szepíngkai) in Jilin province.


  • Established on August 2, 1929 as the Apostolic Prefecture of Szepingkai, on territories split off from the then Apostolic Vicariate of Shenyang and the Apostolic Vicariate of Rehe
  • June 1, 1932: Promoted as Apostolic Vicariate of Szepingkai
  • Lost territory on 18 May 1937 to establish the Apostolic Prefecture of Lindong
  • April 11, 1946: Promoted and renamed as Diocese of Siping(jie) alias Szepíngkai, ending its missionary, pre-diocesan and exempt status


Siping is a transportation hub in Jilin Province. The Qiqihar-Siping, Siping-Meihekou and Beijing–Harbin railways The city is served by both the Siping Railway Station and Siping East Railway Station.The Harbin-Beijing High-speed Railway also run through the Siping East Railway Station.The new airport will be completed in 2030.

With the Highway,the city run through Beijing-Harbin highway, JiTong highway, Daqiang-Guangzhou Highway, Changchun-Shenzhen Expressway, ChangYing highway, TieChao highway (Beijing-Siping highway), Yi Liao Expressway and Changchun-Liaoyuan highway. The city of Siping also has a ring first grade highway, which is connected to the 102 National Road and 303 National Road in the four directions.

Siping is 550 kilometers away from Dalian international shipping center. It is only 1 hours away from Changchun Longjia Airport and Shenyang Taoxian International Airport. The Siping local dual-use airport is about to open domestic flights.


The city has a four-season, monsoon-influenced, humid continental climate. Winters are long (lasting from November to March), cold, and windy, but dry, due to the influence of the Siberian anticyclone, with a January mean temperature of −13.5 °C (7.7 °F). Spring and fall are somewhat short transitional periods, with some precipitation, but are usually dry and windy. Summers are hot and humid, with a prevailing southeasterly wind due to the East Asian monsoon; July averages 23.7 °C (74.7 °F). Snow is usually light during the winter, and annual rainfall is heavily concentrated from June to August. The annual mean temperature is 6.69 °C (44.0 °F). With monthly percent possible sunshine ranging from 46% in July to 71% in January and February, there are 2,684 hours of bright sunshine annually, with autumn and winter being especially sunny.


Siping is located in the transition between plains and hilly terrain, with hills to the southeast and the Songliao Plain to the northwest.


Siping has GDP of RMB 1266.3 billion Yuan in 2015, representing a rise of 6.4% year on year. The city's GDP ranked fourth in Jilin Province(2010). Agricultural products processing, electricity and thermal power, pharmaceutical, and chemicals are the pillar industries. Private economy is also a major contributor of the industrial sector.


Siping prefecture includes two districts, two counties and two county-level cities. Four commodity grain bases in Jinlin Province, namely Lishu County, Yitong Manchu Autonomous County, and Shuangliao City, are under the administration of Siping.  Gongzhuling City is under the administration of Jilin Province.

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