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Diocese of Luoyang

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Diocese of Luoyang
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Luoyang has a population of 6,620,000 as of 2010.

There are 32 ethnic minority groups living in Luoyang city where Han Chinese makes the majority of the population. Muslims are the largest ethnic minority group and more than 60,000 Muslims make up 70 percent of the total ethnic minority groups. Following Muslims, Manchurians and Mongolians are the second and third major ethnic minority groups.


Mandarin Chinese and Henan dialect are in use in the diocesan territory.


The Apostolic Prefecture of Luoyang was established on May 25, 1929 from the Apostolic Vicariate of Zhengzhou. Italian Xaverian Missionary was commissioned to administer there. On Jan. 28, 1935, Apostolic Prefecture of Luoyang was elevated to Apostolic Vicariate of Luoyang and on April 11, 1946, it was further elevated to be a diocese. Msgr. Assuero Teogano Bassi, S.X. was the first bishop and he was expelled from China in 1954.

In 1953, Father Chi Minyuan, a native of Shanxi, was elected as Coadjutor Bishop. In 1962, Father Chi was ordained without papal mandate the second bishop of Luoyang in Zhengzhou by Bishop He Chunming of Kaifeng Diocese. There were about 9,000 Catholics in diocese, then.

In 2002, the church building was removed to 50 meters south of the old site due to renovation of nearby Luoyang Eastern railway station and surrounding area. Since there was no open priest in the diocese, the new church was built with the financial assistance of local Catholics. The parishioners together designed the new church and carried out the church building project. It took three years to complete the Cathedral of Mother of God and the whole project cost 2.9 million yuan. On Jan. 31, 2007, a consecration mass was held for the new cathedral. Currently, Luoyang Diocese administered five cities (Lingbo, Luoyang, Sanmanxia, Yanshi and Yima) and 15 counties. 


The transportation sector of Luoyang is convenient and well-developed. It is an important regional traffic hub. Beijiao Airport has many domestic flights extending to many large cities in other provinces. One of China's most important railway lines, Long Hai Railway, traverses the city and connects most cities in east, west and central China.


Luoyang has a very typical weather of central China, a warm-temperate continental monsoon climate. It has four distinct seasons with short springs and falls and comparatively long summers and winters. The average annual temperature is 14.86 degrees Celsius and the average annual rainfall is 587.2mm.


The economy of Luoyang largely relies on its natural resources and agricultural development. Luoyang is best-known for cultivation of wheat and it is a vital production base of wheat in Henan Province.

Luoyang is also an important base of machinery industry. The reserves abound in molybdenum, aluminum, tungsten, sulphuric iron ore, refractory clay and cement rock. In industry, there is machine, metallurgical industry, building materials, textile and petroleum process. It is the important place in China for the output of tractors, bearing, mineral machines, road roller, silicon and glass.


Luoyang is situated in the west of Henan Province. It is the eastern part of Asia-European Continental landbridge economic zone and it is at the middle reaches of the Yellow River.


The Luoyang Institute of Science and Technology, Henan University of Science and Technology, Luoyang University Normal College, and the PLA University of Foreign Language are located in the area.


Luoyang served as the capital of 13 kingdoms since 4,000 years ago to the late Tang dynasty and it has significance influence in China's cultural heritage. Marvelous cultural sites and magnificent relics further illustrate its great importance in Chinese history. Luoyang is also the eastern point of ancient Silk Road.

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