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Apostolic Prefecture of Linqing

Apostolic Prefecture of Linqing
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Linqing is a county-level city under the administration of the prefecture-level city of Liaocheng in western Shandong Province, China.


Linqing has played an important role in the history of China. In Ming and Qing times it was a great center for the distribution of textiles, grain and bricks and is also famous as the place where the tiles of the Great Wall and the Forbidden City were produced. Today the city's flourishing economy is based on a number of light industrial enterprises.


The area of the county is 955 km2 (369 sq mi). The annual average temperature is 12.8 °C (55.0 °F), the highest recorded temperature 41.4 °C (107 °F), and the lowest recorded temperature −22.1 °C (−8 °F). Annual mean precipitation is 590.4 mm (23.24 in). There are 205 frost-free days per year on average and the average annual sunshine is 2661 hours.


It is located north-northwest of Liaocheng. The city is situated at the confluence of the Wei River and the Grand Canal. It is 380 kilometres (240 mi) from Beijing on the Jingjiu railway line to Hong Kong. Elevation within Linqing County ranges from 29 to 38 m (95 to 125 ft) above sea level.


Aside from the Grand Canal, sights include a distinctive promontory, a stupa, a Ming-Dynasty Hui mosques and ruins of the old customs house, Linqing City Museum. In particular, the Sheli Pagoda near the Grand Canal is a well-known local landmark.

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