Apostolic Prefecture of Baojing
Apostolic Prefecture of Baojing

Baojing County is situated in Hunan Province, in China. It comes under the administration of Jiangxi Autonomous Prefecture.

It is placed on the western border of the province and west central Xiangxi, and is in proximity to the southeast of Chongqing Municipality. The county borders Longshan County to the northwest, Yongshun County to the northeast, Guzhang County to the east, Jishou City and Huayuan County to the south, and Xiushan County of Chongqing to the west.

Baojing County covers an area of 1,745.88 sq. kilometers as per the statistics of 2015. The county has a registered population of 311,200 and a resident population of 294,600. It has its seat in Qianling, and has 10 towns and two townships under its jurisdiction.


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