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Diocese of San Jose de Antique

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Religious Congregations, Societies and Institutes

Religious Institutes of Men

  • Brothers of Christian Instruction/La Mennais Brothers ~ FIC : Address: San Jose La Mennais Brothers' Residence (F-1987)
    Gen. Fullon Street, San Jose, 5700 Antique, Philippines
    Phone/Fax: +63 36 540-8739
    Mobile: 0928-7484865
    Email: [email protected]

    SAC-TTP Supervisor: Brother Richard Doyle, Sup.
    Sup.: Brother Fernand Descõteaux, Sup.
    Formation Director: Brother Eugene Mwesigye
    Delegate Superior SAC-TTP Coordinator: Brother André Poisson
    Student: Brother Stephen Kyamanywa

    La Mennais Brothers' Formation House (F-1995)
    Address: Gen. Fullon Street, San Jose, 5700 Antique, Philippines
    Phone/Fax: +63 36 540-8739
    Mobile: 0917-3051102
    Email: [email protected]
    Director: Brother Eugene Mwesigye
    Assistant: Brother André Poisson
    Vocation Promotion: Mr. Rizaldy (Bobot) Fernandez

    Pandan La Mennais Brothers' Residence (F-2004)
    Address: Highway, Pandan, 5712 Antique, Philippines
    Phone: +63 36 278-9718
    Email: [email protected]
    Superior, SAC-TTP Director: Brother Nolin Roy
  • Pontifical Institute for Foreign Missions - PIME) : Address: c/o San Pedro Parish (F-1744)
    Barangay San Pedro, 5700 San Jose de Buenavista, Philippines
    Phone: +63 36 320-1735
    Parish Priest: Father Milani Fernando
    Tribal Pilipino Diocesan Program: Father Benedetti Luciano
  • Society of the Divine Word ~ SVD : Address: c/o Holy Trinity Chaplaincy
    Semirara, Caluya, Antique, Philippines
    Mobile: 0919 514-6118
    Parish Priest: Father Alex Vitualla
  • St. Joseph Missionary Society/Mill Hill Missionaries ~ MHM : Address: Parish of St. John Nepomuceno (F-1861)
    Anini-y 5717 Antique, Philippines
    Mobile: 0921 517-5830
    Parish Priest: Father Ambrose, (St. John Nepomuceno Catholic Pre-school)

    Parish of St. Therese de Avila (F-1906)
    Address: Casay, Anini-y, 5717 Antique, Philippines
    Mobile: 0920-6215825
    Parish Priest: Father Michael O'Brien, (St. Theresa's High School)
    Email: [email protected]

    Parish of the Sacred Heart (F-1953)
    Address: Egaña, Sibalom, 5713 Antique, Philippines
    Mobile: 0927-5654327
    Parish Priest: Father Casper Rietbergen
    Email: [email protected]

    Parish of Sto. Niño (F-1581)
    Address: Guinsang-an, Hamtic, 5715 Antique, Philippines
    Mobile: 0906 497-2496
    Parish Priest: Father Agustin Frenademez, (Sto. Niño Catholic Pre-school Center)
    Email: [email protected]

    Parish of our Lady of Candles (F-1967)
    Address: Belison, 5701 Antique, Philippines
    Parish Priest: Father James Spruit, (Belison Catholic Pre-schoo

Religious Institutes of Women

  • Dominican Sisters of the Most Holy Rosary of the Philippines-Molo ~ OP : Address: c/o St. Joseph Academy
    Bugasong 5704 Antique, Philippines
    Superior: Sr. Ma. Rebecca Combite,
    Principal: Sr. Ma. Lucila Narra
  • Missionary Sisters of the Lord's Table/Mensa Domini ~ MSLT : Address: c/o Mensa Domini Community (F-1963)
    Motherhouse, San Jose, 5700 Antique, Philippines
    Phone: +63 36 540-7615
    Local Superior: Sr. Angelina Salvaleon
    Catechetical Commission: Sr. Amparo Aguilar
    ADSHAI: Sr. Feliza Tumangday
    Family Life Apostolate: Sr. Maria Sylvia Salvan
    BEC: Sr. Baby Ann Jungco
    Catechetics: Sr. Gina Sadang

    Address: c/ o CIMD, San Jose, 5700 Antique, Philippines
    Phone: +63 36 540-7617
    Local Superior/CIMD Program Directress: Sr. Ma. Febe Unilongo
    Staff: Sr. Florenia Belarmino,
    Diocesan Womens' Desk Coordinator, Finance: Sr. Luz Failana
    Staff: Sr. Rosaflor Seraspe

    Address: Generalate San Jose, 5700 Antique, Philippines
    Phone: +63 36 320-2021; 540-9090
    Superior General: Sr. Rosalinda Erispe
    Diocesan Stewardship: Sr. Anathalia Ysug
    Treasurer General: Sr. Rufina Mostero
    Secretary General: Sr. Regina Florendo

  • Order of St. Clare ~ OSC : Address: c/o Poor Clare Monastery of the Holy Family (F-2004)
    San Pedro, San Jose, Antique, Philippines
    Mobile: +63 (919) 603-3928
    Superior/Portress: Sr. Ma. Christine of the Lord's Passion OSC
  • Religious of the Assumption ~ RA : Address: Sta. Rita Academy (F-1967)
    Sibalom, 5713 Antique, Philippines
    Phone: +63 36 543-7987
    Email: [email protected]
    Superior/SRA Principal: Sr. Ma. Leticia Andan, RA

    St. Anthony's College (F-1955)
    Address: San Jos?, 5700 Antique, Philippines
    Phone: +63 36 540-9681
  • Sisters of St. Joseph the Worker ~ SSJW : Address: St. Joseph Orphanage and Center for the Handicapped, Inc.
    Maybato North, San Jose de Buenavista, 5700 Antique, Philippines
    Superior/Coordinator: Sr. Concordia Villaram, SSJW

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