In Memories of Two Cardinals in Asia

Cardinal Cheong
Cardinal Sim

The Church in Asia lost two cardinals in less than two months this year.

Cardinal Cornelius Sim, a new cardinal in Asia and the first of Brunei, died on May 29. He was 69.

Cardinal Nicholas Cheong Jin-suk, 89, former archbishop of Seoul and president of the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of Korea, passed away on April 27.

More about the lives of Cardinal Sim and Cardinal Cheong
and the Churches in Brunei and South Korea, of which their missions were dedicated to.

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Slavery In Asia
Slavery In Asia
Slavery In Asia

Archdiocese of Trichur

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Religious Institutes of Men

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  • Claritian Missionary Fathers : CMF
  • Congregation of St. John the Baptist Precursor :CSJB
  • Disciples of the Good Shepherd : DGS
  • Little Flower Congregation : CST
  • Malabar Missionary Brothers : MMB
  • Missionaries of St. Francis De Sales : MSFS
  • Missionaries of St. John the Baptist : MSJ
  • Missionary Congregation of Bl. Sacramant : MCBS
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  • Society of Divine Vocations : SDV
  • Society of the Catholic Apostolate : SAC
  • Vincentian Congregation : VC

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  • Congregation of the Holy Family : CHF
  • Congregation of the Mother of Carmel :CMC
  • Congregation of the Samaritan Sisters : CSS
  • Congregation of the Sisters of Charity : SVP
  • Congregation of the Sisters of Nazareth : CSN
  • Congregation of the Sisters of St. Martha : CSM
  • Daughters of O. L. of Protection : DOLP
  • Daughters of Our Lady of Divine Love : FMDA
  • Daughters of the Cross : FC
  • Deena Sevana Sabha : DSS
  • DM Sisters : DM
  • Dominican Sisters : OP
  • Franciscan Clarist Congregation :FCC
  • Franciscan Servants of Mary : FSM
  • Franciscan Sisters of the Sacred Heart : FSSH
  • Franciscan Sisters St. Elizabeth : FSSE
  • Holy Trinity Sisters : HTS
  • Little Sisters of the Mother of Sorrows : FSM
  • Missionary Sisters of St. Peter Claver : SSPC
  • Missionary Sisters of the Mary Immaculate : MSMI
  • Our Lady of Charity of the Good Shepherd : RGSv
  • Preshitharam Sisters : CPS
  • School Sisters of St. Francis :OSF
  • SH Sisters :SH
  • Sisters of Adoration of the Bl. Sacrament :SABS
  • Sisters of Charity of St. Anne : SCAv
  • Sisters of Destitute : SD
  • Sisters of Jesus : SJ
  • Sisters of Mount Calvary : SMC
  • Sisters of St. Ann -Guntur : CSSA
  • Sisters of St. Ann Luzern : SAS
  • Sisters of St. Anne Bangalore : SAB
  • Sisters of St. Francis of Assisi : CSF
  • Sisters of St. John the Baptist : SJB
  • Sisters of St. Joseph the Worker : SSJW
  • Sisters of the Cross of Chavanod : SCC
  • Society of Divine Vocation : SDV
  • Society of Kristudasis : SKD
  • Society of Ladies of Mary Immaculate : SLMI
  • Society of Nirmala Dasikal : SND
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